Goetic tarot card readings (Closed)

Ok so I got this new deck and tested it a few times to make sure it’s accurate and can actually do divination. It’s called the occult tarot. It’s honestly a beautiful deck and has very powerful meanings and spirits in each card. Each card represents a tarot card and a goetic spirit.


Ok now that I’m done showing their beauty, let’s do some readings. Now, it really only provides 1 reading at the moment. And the reading cannot be repeated untill the results from the last one have shown. It is basically a ritual everytime I do a reading. So be warned that the reading will call upon 3 spirits to do the reading with me. If I were you I would expect the spirits to show in your life as well. To put it simply, I’m doing a ritual for you. The ritual is for finding a spirit to work for if your lost on your current path. It also could be for a subject that you need help with. I would not recommend doing a reading if you’re already on a path working. It could get complicated.

Got all of that?

So I will be doing only a few readings becuase I can pull up to 13 cards and will most likely take 30+ minutes.

Reserved spot for @healing_heart


Can I have one please?

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I’m honored, thank you

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I’d like get one too, if is possible, please.

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Will you do one for me?

I am in need for it

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Beautiful deck mate …

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@everyone Remember these take alot of time and energy to do, so please be patient.


Can i have one please and yes you can take your time :slight_smile:

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Could i please have one?

Take your time, @TheUmbra

I appreciate it.

This is interesting. I saw S. seal there if not mistaken.
Could I have one Please

That’s such a beautiful deck :eyes:
May I have a reading please ?

Can I get one please?Thank you so much😃

still doing readings?

Can i also have a reading?

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@Seraph gets the last one, no more.

@Healing_Heart may you close it please? And thank you


Thank you for the reading.

It really resonates! !!

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Thanks @TheUmbra for your reading.:clap::+1::kissing_heart:

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It is my turn? @TheUmbra