Goetic Spirit: Carnesiel

What’s up BALG? I decided to go through the Goetia in my spare time before I hit my main evocations, almost like a warm up lol. I just evoked Carnesiel a Duke from part 2 of the Goetia. I did not look him up before hand on Google or anything so I don’t know how much of the following is bullshit and how much is the real thing. I’ll let you be the judge of that :joy:

I forgot the questions I asked so I’m just gonna put the message down there:

(When asked what his powers are)
Air Manipulation, how to gain love, I inspire men with Lust. I can teach you the ways of royalty as I am a Duke. I can bring you material gain and make others spend money on you. I bring wealth. I also bring power and can help in your ascent. I have command over all things money in whatever currency you require to build your empire, causing it to flourish like a garden.

(When asked about Financial Ascent)
Money is prosperity in its lowest form. It is connected to Ascent. The more you Ascend, the more money will come into your possession. You will be able to summon greater amounts of the prosperity you require. Financial Ascent starts with you practicing summoning money. Money is an energy… A thought… A Thoughtform. It is a spirit. Much like us, you summon it give it a order and it carries out your will. It does not care about the route it uses; it cares about getting results. Greed is the essence of this. Money responds to greed. Increase greed, and you will increase money. Greed is the drive of financial Ascent. You must feel it with all your being and awaken it in the flame of the candle. Sense the greed in the candle; feel the power of it. Money is your servant not your God. You are money. You are the prosperity which you seek. Ascent is bringing more of yourself into your reality. Stop hindering yourself. It’s no fun being broke Hahaha.

(When asked if there was anything else that he would like to say)

Ascent is feeling the future, NOT predicting the future. It is easy to predict the future…instead, be the future.

So what do you guys think?


God damn the money thing is quite on point, clearly this being knows his fianacial ways work with him perhaps he can help you more and the reference of the candle is like a metaphor to candle magick.

Once I advanced in magick I forgot all about the basics and didn’t pursue them but sometimes to achieve quick easy and fast results simplicity is normally key.


Thanks for reading man!

I’m seriously thinking about working with him lol


Yeah go for it, see where it all leads


I think this just showed me where I make the mistake in manifesting money. I am not greedy. I never been greedy. I guess I have to change that in order to succeed materially


His Eminence Emperor Carnesiel is amongst us in Flesh!!! Kneel before our prince Pray to God for the saving of the Emperors soul, the King of all Hell the East and the West Iesu Christo bless the Emperor of the East pray to your Father for the saving of his soul. Emperor Carnesiel is here in Denver Colorado and I Duke Zabriel of the Eastern region of all 7 levels of hell am the witness.

Welcome @Zabriel. Please introduce yourself properly in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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