Goetia Sigils or Demons of Magick Sigils?

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So I just finished a technical part of the book “Demons of Magick”. On the other hand, I tried to do some research using this forum, and some other forums I came around.
Regarding the rituals stated in the book, some of the people are saying this is a little bit of overkill and might be actually offending the summoned Demon, while some say this is still effective.
After watching BALG video on working with Sigils, I noticed that the guy used a very simple method: draw a sigil, meditate, state your desire - done. Which in comparison with the book version of working with sigils is extremely simple.

Now my question comes as following in this case: what is better and more effective to use: drawing Goetia sigils on the paper, keep the sigil in your left hand and then open it with gazing and stating your intent, or using Demons of Magick sigils and gaze at the book drawn sigil, instead of drawing new one?

Some say that Demons of Magick sigils have unnecessary things like Hebrew names of angels (for protection, as stated), so its kind of confusing here.



In my opinion, Demons’s of Magick sigils are better for the rituals in Demon’s of Magick book. For any other ritual you better use classic sigils and draw them manually or however the ritual is designed.


In terms of which method is better or worse…I think i’m starting to lean more towards The Demons of magick method when it comes to sigil magick…because it gets you in the right headscape before you actually get into focusing on the sigil. Also, i don’t think all the angels you bring in are solely for protection. But i’ve only just started trying it out, so i haven’t had time to see the results yet, but honestly…the first ritual can be gone through pretty quick once you get use to the steps. I suggest you try out both and see which one works best for you


The DOM sigils work just fine if you are following the rituals of the book, as they were created to work with the instructions given in the book. I personally perfer the DOM method but I started out in the occult with the golden dawn system of magick and Im comfortable with the DOM structure. Other people on this forum are more left hand path oriented so they are going to have a different view point.

There is a difference in the way you sense the demons energy base on the method you use. If you use the orginal goetia sigils then you will feel the raw power of the demon. If you use DOM sigil you will sense a lighter side of the demons power because there are 4 angels on the sigil that act as a baby sitter for the demon.


Sigil of Ziminiar

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