Goetia Pathworking wording

I am not sure if I worded my request correctly. I’m using the book “Goetia Pathworking”.

My bird is lost and I asked she be brought back to me and asked that she be back in her cage with her mate.

After 7 days I saw her for the first time again outside on the roof and eating in the backyard.

Should my wording be different?

I asked several Demons for help.


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My advice is: make the Demons fight…
When you ask several of them to help,
They will complete and do the Work faster…

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How did you word the request?

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I have asked 4 I think so far. Whoever was in the book that helps find lost things and Orabas as well.

I just want to make sure the wording is exact and not left open to interpretation. I don’t want to just see my bird outside, I want her back in her cage. I wonder if I was too vague.

I said I ask that my bird be brought back to me, I also ask that she is in her cage with her mate and baby.

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I don’t see any problem with the phrasing.

However, if you want to, you could rephrase it into something like a simple, “Return my bird to her cage,” rather than asking for the bird to be brought back to you and returned to her cage. It’s basically a given that if the bird is returned to its cage, that it would have to be brought back to you in order to accomplish that.


I like that, it’s simple. I wasn’t sure if I needed to phrase it to, I ask that my bird is in her cage, like it’s already done or go with asking she be brought back.

I studied loa and Neville Goddard before I found out about working with Demons.

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My mentor told me to tell both (i had asked 2 demons for help) of them to work together. That worked.

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I saw my bird for the first time in 7 days the day before yesterday. I couldn’t catch her. Yesterday I saw her again and she ate closer to the cage. I was so hoping one of the Demons would just grab her and put her in the cage so I could shut the door.
I’m guessing they don’t work that way.

I hope this week they will get her into the cage I have outside.

How can I find out what to offer each one as a thank you once I catch her? Thanks


@DarkestKnight @Nir666 Is it okay to ask 2 demons for the same request ? wouldn’t it make things complicated


It works for me in my Existence…
I’ve been a Member here for about Twelve days, so take it or leave it…

Also, @Lady_Eva, what do you think?

There is plenty of information on offerings available on this forum. Just do a search.

Yes, that is fine,



How about you go the creative way and attach some food to a piece of string (going through the cage) and when you see your bird eating it, gently pull the string with the food into the cage?

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I have a cage set up with alot of food and water in it. I have a string attatched to the door and once she goes in I am pulling the string to close it. She came so close to going into the cage today, but a little bird that was in it flew out at her and scared her.

She also landed on top of the cage today too.