Goetia demons offering

Quite urgent as far as I am aware King Paimon is good at influencing people. What I ought to know is how to work with him like do i open up his sigil but what offerings do I give. Can I do this outside? As I said this is a emergency situation any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it’s an emergency, don’t worry about an offering. Open the mighty king’s seal and ask him to do what you need to have done. You can give him an offering after he has helped you to show your appreciation.



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Would it be okay if I draw his seal on a page in a park when no one is around ? I have never done this before after opening his seal and communicating what I need done, Would King Paimon send some kind of a sign and do I burn his seal after ?

Yes, you can do it outside in a park. You can do it anywhere you have a spare moment. When I was homeless, I opened seals while sitting in a bus shelter.

No, don’t burn the seal. Keep it with you until after you get your result, and yes, you can ask the king for a sign.

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Thanks for the quick response. The results would only appear in 2 months as this is relating to exams as I got information that my current principal is having a fit with confirming my grades and wants to lower them. As for the seal would it be possible to do an offering straight after making the deal as I would be quite wary with carrying around his seal for so long and bringing it back home ? Thank you

You can do the offering whenever you feel like it. There is no hard and fast rule.

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Any offering can be used , you must test it for yourself

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