Goetia contact

How many times can I try to make contact and set a appointment with the same deity before it is considered harassment? I.e. can I try every day? Or every second day? Or third? Or week? So on and so fifth?

Goetic demons will let you know if they’re tired of your contacting them if they don’t show up

a Deity would do the same.

Although both will sometimes send an underling in their place if they are ‘busy’.

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Aw man… after reading between the lines it seems like I may of messed up with her… guess I’ll try some one else then…

There is no limit. As a beginner you can keep calling as often as you have the energy to do so. Most of the spirits understand when we’re learning.

Hm maybe… I did just have a strange dream just now where I was trapped inside of a giant glass box with an entire village of people surrounded by guards… could that be positive maybe?

Is she saying I’m on a waiting list of some sort?

Not necessarily. It could just be a strange dream.

Fair point.