Goetia and psychic abilities

Hello, I’m here to ask if any of the 72 demons of the Goetia can teach psychic abilities like telepathy to hear them better. I have no other ways of hearing them other than the candles, pendulum, and incense. I’m curious about other abilities to learn like telekinesis, pyrokineses, clairvoyance, etc.


I didn’t want to leave your question unanswered. I am very new here but have seen similar questions ask and answered by those much more experienced than myself. I have searched the forum search engine and found a wealth of answers. My best answer is all of those abilities are within you. The techniques of this transformation are there as well.


Out of curiosity have you read the lesser keys of Solomon? It does imply some of the daemons impart knowledge of varying kinds.


There is no demon that can give you abilities, but there are many that can teach you to develop them.

If you want to develop to hear spirits better, you can start with opening the sigil of Paralda, the Elemental King of Air, and asking him to help open your senses. Not a demon, but very helpful and kind.

Then work with Sastan from Kingdoms of Flame, to further enhance your abilities.

Finally, if you want to learn the “showy” abilities like levitation, or telekinesis, call upon Krehl’a’teral, from the Book of Azazel, although you will be looking at years of work to develop them.

I know none of the above are from the Goetia, but they are all very easy spirits to work with for development, and are in fact the first spirits used in EA’s evocation course.


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On regards to op, I’m with @DarkestKnight

There are beings who can teach, but not give


Ave. I have been learning psionics since I was three years old. Through family members as well as Hekate/Hecate herself.

Hekates wheel (the picture) will help you focus while you call upon her


Ronove? i seldom hear him in this site

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Aosoth can teach astral sight.

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Astaroth has been helpful for me in this regard. She blessed my magic mirror and a talisman I made for her. A lovely entity who can do a lot for you if approached with the respect she deserves.