Gods of war

I checked the search function already but war gods arent really talked about so i was just going to ask Who would i need to communicate with / evoke further down the road to become a god of war myself?. im still a beginner but im just wondering the reason why i haven’t posted though is because usually i’m on the search function lol.

There’s tons of stuff you could do.

Look into Elemental magic,and Planetary magic.In the elemental department,begin to work with fire,and in the planets,begin to work with Mars.

Attain the focus of a demon(read more on that stuff and the meditation here becomealivinggod.com/forum/index.php?action=post;quote=75108;topic=7029.0 )

And focus on war.

Evoke Odin,Ares,Shiva the Destroyer,and Set in the same evocation if you can and ask that they deliver you their secrets.

And of course,learn vampirism and baneful magic,and use it in a war-like fashion,which is to say,against your enemy,whoever that is.

Are you,by any chance,in the military,or in some line of work where being a god of war,would make you excel,or where war is one of the biggest parts of your mundane life,rather than just your magical ones?

I did again :slight_smile:

Okay so what do set and shiva teach are there any sigils for these entities and no lol I’m only 15 I just really like to fight and I love to see the exchange of fists;). I want to become like (sorry if this is corny)If you’ve played God of war Kratos from the franchise lol. And shiva that kinda caught me off guard he’s the one with multiple arms right ?

Friendly tip - you’re going to have to show initiative and use Google if you want to be taken seriously - Set & Shiva (Shiva especially) are two hugely well-known and prominent dieties, the first one even has an entire Temple of Satanists who view him as isolate consciousness made manifest (or something like that - apologies ToS folks if I got that a little wrong) and Shiva is a foundational god within Hinduism, viewed by Saivite Hindus as the fundamental Source consciousness of the universe in his form as Parashiva.

All of which a quick trip to a search engine would have told you. :wink:

Brains and initiative will get you further than asking questions alone - if in doubt (or if a load of gamer stuff shows up) add the word “occult” to the name you search, and “-gamers -gaming -points -levels” - you get the idea, to filter out gamer-specific uses of these as screen-names and characters etc.

Asking for sigils for gods is usually going to get the answer “No, sigils are things specific (mostly) to grimoires and therefore demons and angels, and not to godforms outside the Judeo-Christian/western ceremonial magick paradigm.”

I’m not saying they won’t have sigils or won’t give you them, I’m saying if you take time to educate yourself on the backgrounds of different beings you’ll understand there are other ways to contact then, for example Shiva has a yantra (don’t ask me what any of these words mean btw, Google will help, and never gets PMT!).

Actually Set may have a sigil, but I’d recommned reading about him first from the Egyptian POV and see what you think, and maybe research Temple of Set online for their views, they seem like smart people.

Have you ever successfully performed sigil magick yet? I sent you a “welcome” PM that has links to some great stuff in, including E.A.'s foundational article about openeing sigils, just want to make sure you have those things so you can do some useful reading. :slight_smile:

Seriously there’s pages and pages of stuff online, we live in a wonderful age…

By asking you whether you were in the military,I just wanted to know what power you’re actually looking for.

Do you have a desire to be embody the 7 motor skills,at their prime,and be able to utilize them in combat?Do you want to be able to help others in combat?Do you want to be able to turn the tides of entire wars happening who-knows-where?

If you were in the military then you wouldn’t be seeing fights,or playing them,or reading about them,you’d be living them.War would become as big a part of your life as any.It would be the thing that brings you money,that your life depends on.If you’re passionate about the art of combat,then you should research it,practice it,become it if you want!And the same goes for magic!

But what Lady Eva said,all of these spirits are well-known in ancient mythology,so you should find a lot of information on them.Shiva,is sometimes depicted as multi-armed,but generally,when speaking about gods with many arms in Indian mythology,most people are thinking of VIshnu,so I will just say,Shiva is blue,and he’s the destoryer.

Shiva is a destroyer,he obliterates this world at the end of every Kulpa,with his dreaded third eye and his mighty trident.Set is the Ancient Egyptian god of the desert,of chaos,of war,and darkness.

These spirits don’t have symbols.However,as you research them,they’ll turn their attention towards you!They’ll have their eyes on you,and will begin to know you.

And you’ll find methods to contact them.MEditate,and vibrate their names,or use hymns such as this one:


Or write your own.Any sigil can be replaced by devotional art,or an idol.

Thank you both !!! :wink:

A better tip ontop of others. Use “Google Images” to search for any symbols or pictures faster.

You can use the traditional Rose Cross Sigil Creator, or you can borrow from a Remote Viewing technique used to establish a Link which is basically focusing and sensing something and then using a Split Second Automatic Writing to draw a Squigly line…usually 3 times to get it set…this is a more intuitive method though and its fast so its automatic. You can also use Austin Osman Spares method…just look him up online along with his alphabet of desire, should be able to find it easily.

Another thing you could do is read up on Set and Shiva and get a feel for their energt, and then either look for other Gods or Goddesses that represent their energt…OR for example if your into sex magick find pictures (or people) that could represent sexually the energy of any Goddess like Shiva and if your into it partake of her in your magickal practices.

Try Spellsofmagick.com tons of everything in there

That’s intense