Gods of favour

Hi guys, I would really like to know which demon is responsible for:
‘All outcomes are in my favour’
‘I receive no resistance in the face of opposition’
‘I am successful in what I set out to achieve’
‘To get liked by everyone for no reason’
And can petition spells work on them?
Thank you.

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Hot take and my personal opinion: most of these are not a one-and-done type of working. They constitute changes to your inner beliefs and self-concept. So, while there are entities who could help if you petition them, it’s probably likely you would need to keep repeating the work every few weeks or months.

You might find it helpful to pick one entity to work with to develop your self-concept so that these become self-fulfilling prophecies. Or, look into the Law of Assumption - Joseph Murphy or Neville Goddard.


Plenty of demons for that, but the only deal sealer in one punch is you.

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Hi man!! What you just mentioned, each responsibility doesn’t come with just one big request, you need to change important aspects of your life with magick! For example ‘all outcomes are in my favour’, there is not a single demon that can do that for you, combine the abilities of multiple demons to get your desired outcome as you shift your own reality (your life)! Same for the other responsibilities!

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Makes sense. In that case then I guess the question should be, which demons to help you as you work on yourself, since from what I get, that’s sounds like a me problem.

Well said

So which demons specific, and their tasks? Name a few if u don’t mind In regards to this

I’d like to suggest one if that’s ok?

King Bael…he is the kingpin of the Goetia and prime among 72

As part of his kingly powers and perogative he can give good fortune. Asmoday, Bune…amon…just to name a few.

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Demons? Dantalion, Paimon, Belial, Cimeries. Possibly Lucifer. Depends on your relationship with them too, how well your energy meshes.


Nice, I guess am getting a clear picture now, thanks

Thanks @Veil

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