Gods of Ascention

Now as this site ses it all Become a living that is what its all about, but now if Catholics and Christians pray to god, then what about people start praying to us, so i been thinking i selected a group of people start to pray to me so i can feed off their prayer, like a eg, we pray to you Bowling270 god Almighty we pray to you Lord Bowling270 o how all powerful, your greatness is Beyond, something like that by being worshiped, so i went to Nexus support and start to ask they start pray and worship me, because of my greatness, so go forth my fellow gods and get a group of people in the community start to sending you their prayer, so each of us can reap the rewards, but those people must pray to you, but not Abraham, in the messages sending to each and every one of this forum by putting in the gmail the prayer is written so the ones who read them just sent the prayer, i did the nexus support read the prayer to me, it will empower our ascent, each and everyone of us must come up with our own to empower each one of us.

Turn Each prayer into a subliminal and listen to it on repeat.

Be careful not to get high on your own supply.


Give it a go bro, go and write out a prayer so if you someone else reading it they actually are praying to Micah, then put it in a envelope and go and post it in someones letter box, so when they read it you have just received their prayer, you have just robbed Abraham of prayers, even send via gmail.

Another thing might help tune up with your clairaudiance, so can tuning into those people empowering as well as vampirism helping absorption of their energy while they pray to you and all using this process, feed off their prayers and give nothing back that’s the in thing.