Gods as egregores on LHP?

Possibly, but it would not be those characters simply assimilate and use those characters to gain more energy for itself by claiming to be such characters.
There’s are for example many Goku thoughtform/egregores and same with say Mickey Mouse, the latter could easily tell someone it’s also goku and that individual will start to think about that connection. So now Mickey can syphon off that energy being supplied to the former thoughtform because it managed to get someone(s) to believe/think such. It pretty much assimilated itself into the current of the other.

The thoughtform is a magician in its own right and is manipulative. It looks like it has made the effort to evoke a trickster deity flippantly. I am not sure what the trick is. I can interpret a couple of different ways. As the deity phoning in their act as another character, or some other thoughtform pretending to be a deity acting as another character.

I could take an egocentric approach and say NO DEITIES but that is a mistake because it would lead me to bad conclusions. Given a immortal creature (can’t die from natural causes) on my plane that can warp reality using known physical rules and gains power based on attention, I would have to resort to conspiracy theory and assert that it is a globalist with life extension technology. I think that is an unreasonable conclusion given those facts.

On the other hand, I don’t want to misidentify the thoughtform as a deity when it isn’t because I could lose control over it and it can gain control over me with that mentality. Under the given circumstances, if it is a deity and I don’t acknowledge it so, I don’t actually comprehend the downsides yet, but it feels like I am trying to deceive myself.

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You think a real deity would give a thoughtform acknowledgement? Or am I misunderstanding

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Would it? Sure, because it is also a magician.

A magician doesn’t give it special treatment, a magician thoughtform is pretty much still a thoughtform; a manifestation of someone’s imagination. Unless it requests the deity to make it a real living entity. :thinking: