Gods and the Zodiac

I’ve been looking everywhere for proper correspondences but something doesn’t seem to click

I’ve been looking to identify bodily aspects with the gods and zodiac, I’ve found the associations of the zodiac wjth the body but the tricky part has been associating it with the gods

for Example

Virgo is identified as Isis the moon goddess, Freya is also associated with the moon and some accounts certain practitioners including myself have found a connection between freya and Isis

In the golden dawn tradition Isis is represented as the moon and Virgo

But In the traditional zodiac system the moon is associated with cancer and the Virgo with mercury so there must be a mistake with the Isis Virgo correspondence or the other way around

Aries was represented with the Rams horns correlating to Egyptian god Amun that has rams horns that is the king of the gods very much like Zeus, both Amun and Zeus correspond to Jupiter King of the Gods, the Crown Chakra, but due to the Greek ares it’s Aries

Another one it Atlas, I’ve personally seen Atlas as torus holding up the head at the base of the skull but that later turned out to be associated with Aphrodite or Dionysus depending on the source

My point in this post is to find accurate correspondences between deities and zodiac signs because I’ve come across many variations of it within the span of 5 hours of deep research

If anyone knows anything would like to share or can point me to source, I’d greatly appreciate it🥂

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Why not ask the spirits of those spheres yourself. If you are adept at astral or even mental projection such would be a trivial matter to reach any sphere or correspondence.

Keep in mind elemental associations and that some symbols do not translate over. Ares for instance likely has nothing to do with Amun the rams horns in that case are meaningless as they do not share the same meaning. Ares would likely be closer to sekmeht as a god of war.

Moon and cancer are both governed by the element of water in traditional form thus that assocation. Some of these gods might also not belong to planetary spheres but have only mere association as one can be associated with something but not call it any primary source. Human understanding of the cosmos is primitive at best so expanding the view is more necessary. My work with Yggdrasil reveals countless spheres and realms beyond any named. Even common systems can have more than twenty spheres associated with them and those spheres lumped under planets as their origin but really it is just to make it easy to keep track. Nothing but labels in the end.


That is my usual course of action but after doing research for hours and critical thinking I got physically drained and didn’t have the energy to evoke anything but I guess I’ll d that


moon in earth signs does exceptionally well, moon in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn résults are outstanding even compared to Moon in Cancer sign.
Moon will act as it is in her own sign and moon is exalted in Taurus. and if you see in the Vedic lunar mansions ( nakshatras) you will see that in the middle of the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo amd capricorn where the zodiac’s énergies are High those nakshatra are ruled by moon again. That’s why they say true wealth is given my Moon( which is the mind)
So I think it’s normal to get to that conclusion.

Same with Jupiter, It does very very well in fire signs ( Aries, LEO and Sagittarius), Jupiter is considered as thé second Sun. And they say one day Jupiter will light up

Even as a person you might be a soft Cancer Sun sign but people may see you as a cold Capricorn sun sign. Maybe only the people you are very close to can see your Cancer qualities. That’s why in astrology it preferable to check for Sun, Ascendant and moon sign to get a holistic idea of the individual.

That’s why People are confused when it comes to Lucifer ( Venus) and Satan ( Saturn) cause they do pretty well in each other signs. You might think it is the same energy.
So it would be better for someone when it comes to astrology to read the stories, legends about the lord and deities of the Zodiac signs to get an idea cause doing corresponding can be very tricky

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