Gods and goddesses?

What is the typical left hand view of gods and goddesses? Are they viewed as actual beings or mere tools for the psyche? I’ve been doing some research of course before just asking the question as I generally like to answer my own questions, but I’m getting mixed signals from my findings.

In some areas I also get really strong Satanic vibes and while I have nothing but respect for Satanism (I am very interested in learning more on this as well) I prefer to do work with the gods and goddesses outside of the Christian mythos. Is Satanism a must? Most works on the left hand path i find seem concentrated mostly on Satanism.

I’m really sorry if I seem dense, but I strongly believe that there’s no such things as a stupid question. I’d rather not foster my own ignorance.

It is all up to the individual.

To some members here, it is all in their heads.

To others, the gods, goddesses, angels and demons have objective existence.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. When you do certain things, certain results follow.

To quote Azazel from The Book of Azazel by EA: “I am as real as the world around you, which isn’t real at all.”

LHP has absolutely nothing to do with Satanism. Satanism is just reverse Christianity if you think about it.

Very few on this forum call themselves Satanists. There’s a few Luciferians, but that is a completely different kettle of fish.


Then I must be mistaken as to what beings like azazel and belial are and I’m fully able to accept that. I was under the impression beings such as they and the goetia were heavily related to Satanism and hell. What would they fall under then if not that?

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They are demons, or, as some on here call them, old gods.

Satan is a Christian invention. So is Hell. The Goetia was written at a time when going against the Church meant certain death, so it is very heavily doctored with Church propaganda.

No one here worships Satan. Nor do they worship Azazel or Belial (whose name means 'without a master" so he would despise you if you did). Those that do worship demons as the Demonic Divine, are called demonalators, like the author S. Connelly. They treat demons the way pagans do their gods, with offerings and altars devoted to them and such.

Most of us here only do that with spirits that we are really close to and have a relationship with.

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I can see now that there’s plenty I must learn and I’m actually quite excited.

So, what are beings like Azazel, astaroth etc. If not beings to be worshipped? How are they venerated or used here? I see their names everywhere. The sigil for Lucifer is also floating about quite often as well as the Baphomet pentagram. What are they to this path? I see that some work with them and pagan gods as well.

I’m sorry that I have so many questions and that I seem so ignorant, but really that’s what I’m here for.

Why do you feel the need to worship? The demons and gods we talk about on here are treated more like friends and companions than venerated or worshiped.

They are multidimensional beings that exist separate from, but close to, the physical dimension we call home. They envy the physical state because it is the only one in which evolution is possible. Humans are so busy whining and wanting to escape from here, that they fail to grasp what is right in front of them, and that other, non physical beings want access to it.

We, as physical beings, are the ultimate expression of the Eternal Will (You can call the Eternal whatever you want, God, the Source, it’s name doesn’t matter because it is beyond everything). This is the only plane of existence in which true godhood is possible.

Godhood is defined, at least in the writings of EA Koetting, as personifying the Eternal here in the physical. Demons and gods help us to achieve this because it lets them express their power in the physical world.

Lucifer and Baphomet are worked with in the same capacity as any other demon or god. Some people have a very close relationship with them, some don’t have one at all. Some of us work exclusively with demons, some of us, such as myself, work with demons and angels.


Ok I think I’m beginning to understand. So, beings like Lucifer and Baphomet are not essential to the path, they’re just an option. Sort of like eclectic paganism? But with less worship and much more focused inward. So, all pantheons are open for use? Could I…say, use the norse pantheon but also use the goetia if I wanted? There seems to be lots of nuances involved and personal preferences.

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Yes, you can. Plenty here do.

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“Work with” would be better description than “use” but yes you can. I work with norse and greek pantheon as well as demon and spirits of the dead


As well as certain daoist and buddhist spirits and deities


I’m trying very hard to break away from any sort of dogma no matter how light. This is both surprising and very freeing.

I’m thinking about heavily incorporating both Celtic and norse pantheons as well as working with the goetia and other infernal(?) beings. Demons have always appealed to me, but ever since my distancing from xstianity I’ve tried very hard to also distance myself from that mythos entirely. I feel I may wrongly categorize them though, but when I hear “hell” my thoughts always turn to damnation and brimstone speeches early Sunday morning.


Plenty of people on here are recovering Christians, so you’re not alone.

When demons like Azazel talk about “damnation” it is not the Christian “being burned and poked with a stick for all eternity” type. It’s more like a purging of what is holding you back from Godhood.


In this community, you will find all sorts of types of people and practices. The usual dictum that underscores practice is: “If it works, you it. If it doesn’t, don’t.”

Some deal with many entities, some deal with a few. I would say many have a close relationship with certain entities. But “Hail Satan!” rebels would be few. Those that accept the existence of Satan - objective or subjective - tend to do so in different ways but rarely, if ever, in the way He is seen by the Big Monotheistic Three. (Keep in mind, in any case, that the entity known as “Satan” is older than the Big Monotheistic Three, so their projections are innovations.)

But work with Those that work with you. There are few restrictions. Respect all, and no need to grovel before Them.