Goddesses/Spirits Question:

I’m wondering if there are any known spirits, goddesses in particular that are commonly known as being lesbians? Most goddesses I look up online are portrayed as being partnered with a masculine/male counterpart. I’m wondering if there are any that are exclusively paired with feminine/female counterparts?

Doesn’t have to be demons, any and all known spirits I am interested in.


In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the patron goddess of lesbians according to the poetry of Sapho (being the goddess of love, she would most appropriately be labelled as bisexual in modern times, though, since her romance with Ares was well known) .

Artemis is another goddess who was said to have had relationships with women, particularly the nymph Callisto, though in most of her myths she is described as an asexual virgin.

Sedna, an Inuit creator deity, was said to live with her female partner on the bottom of the ocean.

In Egyptian mythology, Isis turned a woman into a man so she could marry the woman she loved.

In ancient mythologies it seems there was more gender fluid, transgender, and intersex deities than strictly homosexual. Greek mythology is filled with male/male pairings but very few female/female pairings.


Lilith is the proto-feminist and she supports members of the LGBTQ+.


One of the Ezuli’s is said to be bisexual or favor bisexuality.

Gotta grab my journal to see which…

Ezuli Dantor, actually. I don’t have any frame of reference as to why, but I’ve crossed the notion a few times.

Edit: actually La Baliene and La Sirène- the whale and the mermaid, (also Loa deities) reads a lot like these two may have been a something too.


It is suggested that Athenas love for Myrmex was a lot more than only platonic.

Parvati and Malini apparently shared more than friendly womanly companionship, as well.


Which parvati? Hinduism
And did she tell you this or just read on some fake book?

I’ll try to dig up the source (it was not social media) and will add it into this comment.
From what I remember it goes along the lines of Malini drinking from the Ganga river as Parvati took a bath in it. It led to Malini giving birth to a child with five elephant heads and four arms. Both goddesses bonded over the child, until Parvati claimed that this child could only be her son alone, as her bath water led to the fertilization of Malini. This story is essentially a very brief show case of two female goddesses creating a child together, failing in co-parenting and moving to court (Shiva) for a custody battle in favour of Parvati.


This types of shitty stories are thousands in Hinduism.

Thats why I’ll need to add the source for this story later, as I am rather sure that I obtained it from a book that was filled with fables about how deities came into being :+1:
This was stuck inside of my head as it was a rather peculiar “two female creators” situation

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Two females
Are you women?
I suppose you are women so you paid attention to this.

I don’t see things this way as deity powers are infinite so they do everything. Right wrong or anything we cannot imagine.

And such stories are many
But they don’t sex they use creation energy to create things.
This topic is secret I can’t tell you from my mouth. But you can invoke parvati and ask her

Gods are different from humans
Even their
Sex is not sex but
Connecting two energies or consciousness

Doesn’t matter to the OPs question, as they clearly asked for feminine types of pairs in between spirits and deities :slight_smile: As both deities are perceived to be female from their respective traditions I gave my answer accordingly.

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I forgot about that question.
But yeah you can work with pretty much with any deity for this what ever gltb thing.

They support everything.
Or they just don’t care about our this little things.
But, I don’t suggest working with hindu goddesses for this type of things.

Or even thinking that you can smack them like demons
There is big no for this.
Although few goddess are open but other will
Kill you directly.
I have many examples of people dying for their stupidity.
I am again out of topic but yeah

My feeling was that there would be more bisexual deities/spirits then strictly homosexual ones.

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Is Lilith really or was that something decided in recent times by others? I have my doubts. Not saying she’s against it but I do notice a pattern of people assuming a spirit is a feminist because of some story about that spirit saying no to a man or whatever - in Lilith’s case I mean. I’m sure Lilith would support LGBTQ people if asked too but I’m not sure that’s something that’s actually historically accurate of her?

Feminism is a human thing, not sure how much a spirit would care? I think if people brought up issues to her on an individual basis she will but I don’t know if she’s as attached to human affairs as we are is what I’m saying.

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Historically, no, Lilith has nothing to do with lesbianism. She has been turned into a modern symbol of female empowerment but she has always been paired with men in her mythology.

The closest female pairing would probably be with her sisters.


I think people arrived at that conclusion after working with her.

And yes, feminism is a construct, but so are the very concepts of magick and mysticism. One may even argue that divinities and other entities are mere constructs as well.

I also think that while historically, she really wasn’t a feminist (which is why I said “proto-feminist”), the collective belief that she’s a feminist icon has taken on a life of its own. Kinda like an egregore.

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