Goddesses of the Sea-Working with Mermaids


Since I was a young child & bawled my eyes out because I was sad “The Little Mermaid” ended, the allure of mermaids has been a part of my life. Even today you’ll find mermaids scattered throughout the motif of my apartment. In fact, upon entry, two mermaid paintings are the first thing you’ll see! So what is it about these spirits that I and so many others find so fascinating? It’s simple-they’re to be feared and adored at the same time. Mermaids are beautiful, powerful, & strong. They’re the epitome of “girl power” as they mainly live together in groups. Far from the myths though, they’re not always quite so nice. When wronged, their fury can be deadly. If you build a bond with them they will always have your back.

Facts to know when starting to work with mermaids:

  • They have the power of prophecy.
  • Mermaids protect the sea and our very nature conscious. One who works with mermaids must also have the same respect for nature.
  • Mermaids are very maternal beings usually, so naturally granting fertility is what they are best known for.
  • They are masters of love as well & can help one find true love.
  • Not so bubbly! They will wage their wrath when necessary and can be good for vengeance against an enemy.
  • It is possible to have a relationship with them similar to a succubus.
  • They can grant wishes and fulfill petitions.
  • More often than not they are quite the seductresses.
  • Many are healers that can help one with emotional pain.

*Depending on what type of mermaid you wish to work with, things can vary from what I’ve posted above.


Element: Water

Planet: Moon

Offerings: Combs, handheld mirrors, seashells, respect, patience, fresh water, salt water, purified water, song

Stones: Aquamarine, Amazonite, Abalone Shell, Coral (symbolizes the petrified menstrual blood of mermaids)

Alters: Seashells, water, flowers, stones, even glitter


Building a relationship with a mermaid:

  1. Find the mermaid type or person who most speaks to you. Below I’ve posted a list of mermaids I’ve come across in my research. I’m sure I missed some though.
  2. Once you find the mermaid/type you want to work with, research, research, research!
  3. Start meditating with your choice. To strengthen this connection you can fill a bowl with water and dip your hands in it while meditating. Finding ocean sounds, etc on YouTube can also help. Visualize the ocean and things associated with your choice.
  4. Start a conversation with them. Let them know your intention of working with them respectfully & create a dialogue with them. Ask their name as if you choose a type you won’t know it for awhile. Don’t forget to thank them!
  5. Wearing jewelry with a stone representative of them can help with connection.
  6. Your intention must be true and free of doubt. If nothing happens at first, don’t get disheartened. Like trying anything new it will take time and patience.

List of mermaids:

Al Naddaha Egyptian mermaids
Atargatis First mermaid from ancient Syria
Amberella Gave up mortal life after falling in love with the Prince of the Sea & became a mermaid
Bereginy Slavic mermaids, ally of the Rusalki
Bolbe Greek nymph of a Thessalian lake.
Ceasg Scottish mermaid, half salmon. Grants three wishes when caught.
Finfolk Finnish shapeshifters of the sea
Iara Brazilian mermaids of the Amazon River
Jiaoren Chinese mermaids, craftspeople who cried pearls.
Jengu Mermaids of Cameroon. Healers who served as messengers between humans & the gods.
Limnads Greek mermaids, children of the Potamoi gods of the river. Pallas is a subdivision of mermaids related to them.
Limnaee Daughter of Indian River god Ganges
Lorelei Most famous of the Rhine Maidens
Mami Wata Serpent mermaid of Africa
Marakihau New Zealand guardians of the sea
Melusine French mermaid with two tails
Merman Male mermaids
Merrow Irish mermaids
Neck Scandinavian fresh & salt water mermaids
Nereids Greek mermaids, the 50 daughters of sea spirit Nereus
Nixies German mermaids
Nyai Loro Kidul Queen of the South Seas
Oceanids Greek, Nymphs of the Sea, daughters of Oceanus & Tethys
Ondines Swiss mermaids
Potamides Greek mermaids of fresh water, also known as Naiads.
Rán Norse Goddess of the Sea. She has 9 daughters who also manifest as mermaids.
Rhine Maidens German mermaids of the Rhine River
Rusalka Russian mermaid
Selkies From Scotland; grouped with mermaids but take on the appearance of a seal
Sirens Greek mermaids who sang sailors to shipwreck
Suijin Japanese mermaid, Goddess of Water
Tritonis Nymph of a lake in Libya
Vampire Benevolent mermaids; suck the breath out of victims
Yawkyawk Australian mermaids


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