Goddesses of Feminity

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering what goddesses would you recommend for exploring aspects and qualities that are deemed traditionally feminine in nature? Whether it be goddesses by traditional female roles/aspects such as love, beauty, fertility, the earth, the hearth, child birth, etc.

I would really love to hear your answers. Truly I would greatly appreciate it.


Like with masculinity, feminity takes on different forms. I mean, I suppose you could say general goddesses of beauty or fertility might do the trick, but you’d be shutting down other potentially positive avenues.


Not only was she the goddess of love, sex, lust, and beauty in Norse mythology, but she was also the goddess of death, war, and sorcery.

There have been recent archaeological findings showing that “Viking” was a job description, and was not limited only to men (they’ve uncovered the graves of several female warriors).

Contrary to what the patriarchal religions have tried to claim, war, and death were seen by many ancient cultures as feminine, not male (aggression is masculine; passion is feminine). Even in the misogynistic Greek pantheon, Athena held the mantle of Goddess of Wisdom and War (and she kicked Aries’ ass in battle), and anyone who displayed passion, including a passion for war and bloodshed, was said to be under the influence of Aphrodite.

Do not make the mistake of thinking femininity automatically means soft, and is limited only to love and beauty, 'cause it ain’t.


I think she was also connected to wealth.

Or that masculinity automatically means rigid, and is limited only to fighting and violence, cause it ain’t.

Never said it was, did I? The OP wanted goddesses for qualities that are deemed “traditionally” feminine, and all I did was point out traits that were once considered feminine, but that most people don’t consider when they think of the traditionally feminine.

Please don’t try to make this about gender politics. My comment said nothing about masculinity, and anything along those lines would violate the rules of the forum.


I wasn’t. I just wanted to add.

Women were often in charge of finances in times/places when she was widely praised.