Goddess Heralah

Hi, I would like to learn more about Goddess Heralah.

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I’ve already read all the posts that have been written so far on the BALG forum about the Goddess Heralah. Does anyone have more information?

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Maybe @Mikan can help answer your question. I never truly interacted with Goddess Heralah.


Thank you.

I want to contact her can you help me find out if she will like to work with me.?

Apparently I @Demeter and you @georkans we want to get in touch with Heralah!

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Yes ooo. But seems you are more experienced. Pm me so we can chat

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:joy::joy: Well I wanted to be!
I’m just following the story of the goddess Heralah from the beginning … I’ve tried to talk to @Mikan many times but no answer

The only way I know is to contact Mikan. I have not heard from Mikan either even though I’ve pm’d him several times. That’s the best I can do. I also don’t know how to contact the Goddess Heralah.

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Unfortunately the mikan does not give more news of his work with Heralah … I think his last comment was about his work with lucifuge!

@nicolas_tomas can we get in contact

He did give a ritual and a sigil for Heralah and an incantation. She is not to be summoned though, all you can do is ask Her if She wants to work with you, and She will either accept or refuse. Don’t even hint that you might be summoning Her, wether you are or aren’t. She will give you a sigil that will allow you to call Her any time after She gives it to you, and She will appear immediately. This is of course assuming She accepts you.

The ritual and the rest of the information is way down in there in the thread, but it’s there. I read the whole thread.

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Okay have you tried it

I have not. Heralah from what he said wants Her followers to work exclusively with Her, until She gets comfortable with them. She sounds great for people who want to devote themselves to a single Deity, but I’m far too eclectic for that, at least right now.

Oh okay I get your point but I need someone who has called her before to guide me through all the procedure without a harm

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