Goddess hekate - vision of woman in woods?

I’m having trouble in discerning if a vision I am having is the real deal or my subconscious’s hopeful wants.

The vision goes as so: I see a woman standing in front of an old tree, dressed in an all black robe/dress. It feels as though she can see me and is staring at me almost alluringly and comfortly. It’s almost as if she’s enticing me - earnestly - to follow the trail of breadcrumbs she is leaving behind.

My mind tells me that the woman standing in front of the tree with a comforting and nurturing aura is the Greek deity Hekate. I’ve never been interest in this particular deity, which makes me assume that this is actually a vision.

I welcome any and all interested/well equipped to confirm/deny.

Your help is appreciated fellow BALG-ers.

Trust your intuition.

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Sound Advice. However, still encourage a divination about the matter .