Goddess Danu

I have been waiting to write this post and now I feel it is the right time.

I was lately recommended to work with Goddess Danu by a friend and I did reach out to her (not I’ve blocked my ability to communicate with Spirits so no talking). I’ve got a motherly and caring vibe from her since then.

Every time I shower or drink Water/Tea, I bless the Waters with her name. I’ve noticed that I feel cleaner, healthier and better in general. My Water tastes different.

I also prayed to her to help heal a relative and the surgery was a sucess!! He recovered from his surgery in two days.

From what I’ve read she can help in areas regarding abundance and a better life in general.

Now I don’t know if anyone can work in depth with her if they are not chosen, I myself don’t know if I’m chosen by her but I do know that Celtic deities are generally picky with who they want to work closely with. (She has her Origins in India btw, I was told this and then my research confirmed it).

Hail Goddess Danu!!


Hmm. That’ s very interesting. Would you like to tell more about it? I was interested in working with her in general.


I find that to be true of most spirits, but God’s and Goddess’s seem to be more choosey about who they work closely with. Demons and Angels, or at least the well known ones seem very user friendly. I have often wondered why they choose who they do. At first I thought that bloodline influenced it, but my recent experience with the Lwa and the Orisha, as well as the Hindu and Greek pantheons leave me scratching my head. If you have any insight on it I’d be interested in hearing it.


It’s something I haven’t grasped yet but I will do more research into. There is an Indian Goddess by the name Danu, who also rules over Rivers. Those are big similarities.

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Also go for it! Be sure to do research first

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I doubt Bloodline is the reason lol but it can play a major factor.

I think some of them just prefer certain Practioners. For example, Joey Morris mentions that The Morrigan has a preference for Survivors.


Hi @Twilight_Dragon
Do you think there’s a connection between the stories of Danu with the Tuatha Dé Danann and Anu with the Anunnaki?


I really don’t think so. There is a Celtic Goddess named Anu.

She is an aspect of either the Morrigan or Danu but she also has nothing to do with the Sumerian Sky God at least I think.


The TDD do have ties to Anu. But Danu doesnt.

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I’ve worked with Danu. She is very mysterious. She has also been enormously helpful to me. My experience is that if you are respectful of Her she will work with you. She also has more power than most people realize.

She is one of the most ancient of Deities. I don’t know what else to say because my experiences of her are kind of beyond words. She always answers my prayers/magikal workings.

Merlin Stone’s books have good sections on Danu.

Hail Danu!


You might double check which Danu you are talking too. There appear to be so many! There is a Danu in Celtic mythology that is basically considered by some to be the Mother Of All and by others to be an aspect of The Morrigan.


Danu can be traced back through history if one takes the time to back track…


So, Danu and Anu (the Goddess) are not the same?

The reason I thought there might be a connection is of the synchronization (is that the word?) of Anu with st. Anne who is the mother of Mary, and the existence of a Mari in the region where Anu (the God) was worshiped. Also, I believe in turkish Anna means mother.

And more floating thoughts:thinking:

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By the way, you mentioned blessing the water you drink.

After every shower I take, I close off with the shower version of the ‘kala’ ritual from the Feri tradition.

There are two versions. In the first you take all the negative energy out of your self and shape this into an egg. You than place this egg into your chalice filled with water, dissolve the egg into the water, and drink the water. (That seemed a bit strange to me, although I am not Feri)

The second version is the one I practice.

After you have washed and cleaned, you form your hands into the shape of a heart, where your heart is located. Through this heart you catch the water from the shower. Visualize it in the colours of the rainbow. Imagine each separate colour working on the chakra of that same colour, driving out the negative and filling you up with purifying positive energy. See the negativity as dark, mud coloured water pouring out of you and going down the drain.

When you are feeling cleaned, cup your hands and say a rhyme of your own design stating that this is the blessed water of the Goddess, cleaning you both outward and within. Drink.

I am not Feri. I read this years ago online, and if you find it interesting I am sure you can find it.

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I love this ritual it looks amazing :heart:

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Depends on who you talk too lol.
Those Deities are associated with many things. It’s one of those many Goddesses with the same name or aspects of each other thing here.

That’s what I refer too :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll stick with talking to myself than :grin:

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