Goddamn Satan

How does one stop summoning Satan accidentally when Satan has a major hard on for them? Like, get a clue man! I think I have to figure out how to put him out of my mind.


He just pops out of nowhere, like a teenage dream, into the matrix.

Must stop writing him in somehow.

The Fates are such bitches. Can someone cut THEIR strings?

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Git gud.
Now,jokes aside,maybe you should try to talk to him,maybe he has a plan that will work for your good.If you dont want anything to do with him,just do a banishing,search for Lady Eva’s solar banish ritual :+1:


He can’t talk to me like a normal person. Head games galore. Trickster entity. If I could talk to him on the level, I would, but he’s always living out some stupid storyline. It’s like his way into the matrix or something.

He’s a real nervous nelly around me too.

That doesnt sound like Satan at all.Its probably a trickster spirit,banish its ass.


Umm, he’s pretty powerful. If it is Satan, I’d like to have it on my side, instead of werking against me. It’s like he needs to be trained or something. Like training a dragon.

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A Satan impersonator, I believe.


There are a lot of them out there.

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I would suggest not taking that attitude :joy:. They don’t need to be trained and you will most likely just piss them off if you try.


He’s practically begging to be trained. He just pops out of nowhere on his fucking knees.

Then you shall rush b,my friend.

I do rush by. He so interwoven into my life it’s ridiculous. I wish he hadn’t taken off my Veil sometimes. Then I wouldn’t see him.

I can now see them, out in the matrix, because he revealed himself to me.

That’s most definitely a lower level parasite. It’s probably either tapping into your power to scare you or your incredibly weak. I would bet on the former. Ask Satan to show you his sigil and if he doesn’t it’s not him.



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Also a bit of advice. Ignore the whole matrix idea for a while. You need to get yourself straight first


Ya no bud, that’s NOT Satan. That’s a larva, a thoughtform of your own creation.

Banish the damn thing and learn proper meditation.


some words are on ur desk that shouldn’t be

Even though i never met him personally (not attacks) THAT is not Satan. Why would a strong demon pretend to be weak…unless there is some kind of weird relationship going on but most of the time i dont think that will happen


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