God protected me from Satan

I know. It’s really starting to hit me. I keep hitting the wrong buttons on my phone.

Yeah, alcohol can do that. I am a light weight myself, so it does not take much to get me floored, which js why I drink at home personally. Not that bars aren’t fun, i just got tired of walking home afterwards lol

My friend drove me home. I would have been better driving myself with the way he drives.

I swore to my friend that I’m driving next time if he doesn’t slow down

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I’ve been having a lot of interesting experiences since touting god on balg.

Nothing has ever caused me to drink before. I didn’t have to go through with it

I’m probably just interpreting things differently from all the alcohol

glad to hear you made it back safely. And alcohol can cause things to be interpreted differently than sober, which is why i do not drink as often as I used to.

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I once asked a spirit what his favorite pop was, and the spirit changed every pop in my house to that pop. I had 3 different varieties of pop.

Really? Now you’ve peaked my curiosity. I actually had Lucifer do my laundry once and make coffee for my grandmother. (no one else in the house had done these things). Keep in mind, I wouldn’t ask him to do such mundane things but he said he did it for me as a favor for all of my hard work.

I believe you. That’s why I was asking more about it. I was serious too.

You clearly are being a troll. I was being genuine and sincere and you’re just being a jerk. Also, I wasn’t joking.

Than spirits didn’t change your sodas. You’re a liar. Not to mention, why are you even here on an LHP forum? You mostly just preach at people and get on their nerves.

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Both of you literally made the same claim just a different object, chill out.

I don’t know. You started calling me a liar and a troll when I was trying to be friendly and ask you to elaborate on something you said because I found it interesting. Maybe if you hadn’t started calling me names I wouldn’t have retaliated.

You tell me. I didn’t even think you were lying but if you’re going to make super natural claims and call others liars for making similar claims than you’re going to reap what you sow. A lack of respect will be met with a lack of respect.

Do what thou wilt.

I did fucking believe you and you started calling me names.

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I had washed my clothes. Lucifer told me to go and dry them. When I got downstairs, my clothes had been dried and placed in a basket. No one in my household did this because I asked them and I know I didn’t do it because I wouldn’t take my clothes out of the dryer and put them in a basket without taking them back up stairs, that would be pointless. When I asked him about it he said it was a reward for all of the progress I had made in trying to improve myself.

Yeah, I edited that out because I probably won’t do that because I usually don’t do that sort of thing. However, I was trying to actually be nice to you because I’ve noticed you’re not very popular around here and you responded with hostility for no reason so I got pissed off and threatened a hex which I’ll admit I shouldn’t have done.

This was due to my natural reaction of people not believing me, and I have been mocked a lot about things like this. You get it, right?

It’s like if you are constantly hit by someone or people and someone goes to hand you a treat, but your natural reaction is to fight or flight (or move away).

Fair enough. Next time though, if you talk to a poster you’ve never talked to before at least give them the benefit of the doubt. I really was trying to be friendly and I thought your comments were kind of mean.

I had a spirit or something manifest more milk for me before. When I put the milk back, there was a very small amount left. I felt that I needed something in my body to give me strength. A voice told me to check the milk jug. There was enough for another glass.

Do you have an idea of which spirit it was? Also, I do believe you because supernatural things happen around myself quite often.

I have no idea.

Have you tried to communicate with it in any way?

Yes. When I try to communicate with a spirit, other spirits jump in, even evil ones, and it gets messy. Also, it can take a while just to get into contact with it, but not always.