God protected me from Satan

So, I question what you’re doing here if the whole topic of black magick makes you so uneasy?
I’m here to share my experiences. My experiences can help people.


Then share them but do not preach saying to turn to your God and not be satanist. Our own favorite @Helena works with the same Deity you’re preaching but she doesn’t preach she shares her experiences, there’s a difference.


Look, @roulettekid, everyone here is being reaaaaaally chill.

So, why don’t you just start a journal to record your experience? It is what you want: to share your work. It is encouraged to do that in this forum, after all, since it makes it easier to find information.


There is nothing wrong with your god @roulettekid. The co-founder of this forum, EA Koetting himself, has prayed to, and talked with him, as detailed in his books Questing After Visions and Ipsissimus.

However, when you start going around claiming your view is the Be-All and End-All of everything, it becomes pushing your religion onto others, and many people here have had very negative experiences with religious indoctrination so they don’t take too kindly to that.


Praying is indeed a form of magic.
We are absolutely obsessed with the idea that we are separate from creation while we are part of it.
We do not come into creation but out of it.

Magic is a box that we call to a part of us that we cannot explain well. A power to make your will become real, much like your hand can do your will and type in your keyboard.

There is no separation. The magical world does not exist in the terms that they exist outside creation, it is nothing but additional appendixes attached to you.

Like all appendixes they require training in order for you to be agile with it.


You did, repeatedly.

You did.

No, all you did was to come here after several months of inactivity to tell us “why you should be a Christian or religious vs. Satanist” claiming that “God would like you to share some things”. Work it a bit on your mind and you will figure out where exactly you tried to preach.

This might not be preaching but you opened a thread to QQ about another thread that was reviewed by the moderators and removed from public.


Alright, I am going to say something that might come across a little harsh: I do not care about your religious beliefs. That is your business, not mine. There are no judgements on my end about it, as we all live life our own way. But I do care about knowledge and power, as well as the means to acquire it. And there are plenty of religious individuals (as well as those who are not) who have gained both. So, i am open to reading your experiences, as long as the discussion is kept that way. Let the work do the talking.

As far as this journal goes, is this going to be a prayer record or ritual focused?


The fact that you were attacked by something/someone after mentioning God in this forum, is an indirect recognition of the power of magic…But of course, if you appeal to a supreme power to nullify a lesser one, it shall relieve you of your pain.

However, i wouldn’t suppose it was Satan, maybe just some nasty feellings from someone with strong psychic power.


Not if you’re scared of some of the very same entities we summon for a friendly chat on a quiet evening. :thinking:

You can’t just play the faith card and assume that banishing beings in the name of your god means it’s superior; one can banish beings with a wide number of names and forces, if they’re held with sufficient conviction.

:point_up: Good advice, talk about what you DO, how your prayer or other methods have helped you with real problems, not just a rant at why we should all believe as you do. :wink:


Give me a break. I made one small mistake, which was saying that “you should turn to God.” I can easily repeat all the same stuff I said before and leave out these little detail. For example, I am allowed to recount all my positive experiences with God. Also, people are more important than rules. I care more about helping people and saving them time, then rules, like anybody would.

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God helped me with all financial aspects of my life. I was greedy, and wanted more; this caused me to turn to magic and Satanism. This wasn’t such a foolish endeavor like you might think. I learned a lot about myself and the reality that is hidden to most.

Nobody brings up the fact that Satan has 2 different portrayals. He plays an extremely evil individual when he portrays himself as the one in the bible. But I can talk to him as a nice individual if this is how he chooses to play. This could all be a part of a mass charade and deception, though. First, I used to be extremely psychically attacked by entities and such. I just came to the assumption that this was Satan and demons. I eventually turned to Satan and demons to even protect me from such attacks. (First I turned to and was with God for a significant amount of time, but wanted the added benefits of money, power, etc).

God and good sources act swiftly, like you guys claim Satan does. Good sources include the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Blessed virgin Mary, and the holy angels and saints of heaven.

It is a common mistake to turn to Satan and demons when you want money. We are programmed with this stupid belief. You are probably just going into a downward spiral by doing things like this. It is very uncommon for either being (God or Satan) to just magically solve all your problems; obviously, you have to learn a lot on your own, though you may be guided by God on your path to success. Success, not just in things like money, but happiness and spirit.

I am with God now, if I didn’t make that clear enough.

People who break the rules on here get banned, I mean with plenty of help to try and get them to stop, where possible, but if it keeps happening and they make it very clear through word or deeds that they won’t stop, there is only one answer.

I don’t want to ban you (and I hate banning anyone, because it means I have failed to encourage them to respect this community) so please just bear that in mind. :+1:

Many of us on here have very little to do with “satan” (title or real name) and work mainly with other types of spirits, like the classical gods and various nature spirits.

I agree, most spirits do try to steer you to solve your own problems when that’s possible. :+1:


Didn’t Satan/magick teach you something important then?

Listen, while I don’t share your view on God vs.Satan and people going to hell if they follow the wrong god, I understand your desire to help people, because for you, this is the absolute truth.
And we can tell you a million times that this truth is not true for everyone, it won’t make it any less true for you, right?
But think about it, preaching is always annoying, and no soul will be saved by you when you do that. The only thing that happens is you getting banned.

You can help people with a different approach, you don’t need to shove them your opinion in their face all the time. You can simply help people who ask for help, may it be in personal matters, health related, or whatever field you feel confident in. And isn’t that what you would call spread your God’s love?

You said it yourself once, people are free to choose their path. So let them.


Hail Satan. :raising_hand_man:


Hail Satan


I would say all spirits that are not parasite would do that @Lady_Eva

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Some people would tell you it’s absolute heresy to even consider God to be an external force – that you are worshipping a false idol when you look without instead of within for God – and that this goes against the very first of the decalogue.

Sounds like an overactive imagination to me. Then again, I believe that the operant power’s consciousness informs their reality. So if you believe it’s true, it’s true. And that goes for every individual.

It is sheer folly to name your own truth as the only truth. And that too goes for every individual.

If you made a journal about your experiences I would be interested in reading it, as I am sure others would be. “Show me the money”. What have your experiences been in your journey with God? Whether you refer to YHVH, Christ-as-egregore, or your own God-spark.

Now, with all that said, you would only need to spend five minutes on this forum before figuring out it’s primarily LHP-focused and that the majority of people here consort with demons, in all senses of the word. I am curious what brings you here. Your posts won’t be censored or hidden unless you are explicitly breaking forum rules. There are far worse topics on this forum than someone espousing belief in the Christian god, and they go uncensored.


Yes. That was my point

I never said that people will go to hell if they don’t follow God. Nobody really knows this. Do they?

My truth is not just about the bible. It’s about the possibility of people being manipulated and deceived by spirits. It’s about making life simpler. I used to spend hours doing satanic meditations and channeling energy. Now, I spend very little time on things with the same results. Jesus says something about how He makes life easier (I cannot remember the exact scripture) and takes away people’s burdens.

I didn’t know I was shoving my opinion in peoples’ faces. Is this how you perceive it? Is this how everyone perceives it?

Just like the rest of your statements, this is another thing we agree on.

So we pretty much agree on everything here, but maybe you don’t want to or something?


Thanks a lot. You’re so kind. I love you.