God of my ancestors

Some magicians say that we should try to work with the gods of our ancestors. My ancestors worshipped the christian god. I have no interest in him. He is against much of what I believe in. Any thoughts on how I should proceed? I have a German heritage. Maybe some of my ancestors dealt with some of their gods?

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I think most people leave that embarassing Xian era out of their calculations for this, and research the gods that existed before then, so the German heritage gives you some pointers there.

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You dont “have to” work with the God worshipped by your ancestors.

Just serve them, you will have enough work “just” doing that.

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You’ve been taught German history.

Something I am not very proficient in.

However,I can tell you to try entering druidism.

Druidism,is after all,the shamanic practices of ancient Europe.

Germanic paganism is an entire field in and of itself.

Godchekers is one of the most hilarious,and awesome mythology websites I’ve ever come across.Their Germanic gods section is under development,and it’s very lacking in information ATM,but it will give you one big thing:names.


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Arcane-Thanks for the info. I will look into it. Although I have German ancestors, I am American and don’t have much knowledge of German gods. Your info should help send me in a good direction.

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Some decent stuff from Wikipedia:

List of Germanic deities

Common Germanic deities

And this - Ásatrú in the United States:

“Ásatrú (from Icelandic for “faith/belief in the Æsir”, pronounced [auːsatruː], in Old Norse [aːsatruː]) is a form of Germanic neopaganism which developed in the United States from the 1970s. It focuses on historical Norse paganism of the Viking Age as described in the Eddas, but proponents also take a more inclusive approach, defining it as “Northern European Heathenry” not limited to a specific historical period.”

In my experience, Ásatrú people and self-defined “heathens” are usually anti-magick, and more intertested in the religious approach to these gods. Not my cup of tea but anyway it might give you some ideas for research, etc. :slight_smile:

When ur working with ur eguns it matters. Some of them didn’t understand what I was doing with the Orishas and Nkisi. I had to leave rum on the floor for them to get my Irish side of the family to accept what I was trying to do with my Spanish side.

understand completely. I think it’s safe to assume most, if not all, the whites in the forum will have vastly Christian ancestors. I’ve had many, many young Christians these days tell me to leave paganism behind because my ancestors were Christian and if I want to honor them, I need to drop the “satanic stuff” and go to church. monotheism is obscene and naïve to me. it’s just my opinion but I think what you’re thinking is perfectly fine because I think the same. and yes you are very American if you are Germanic in lineage :wink: :blush: so we have that in common as well. I am doing the same with research, etc. have loads of books in my library and working on collecting more. keep doing what feels right.

I have a very diverse heritage spanning from scandinavian countries, britain, ireland, all over africa, south asia, portugal and so forth. I would say it can be interesting to work with the deities in your culture and if you have multiple cultures even better I would think.