God Invocation and The Sahasrara Chakra

I was curious to see the effect of calling God in the microcosmos and if it’s God himself we address in prayers or a divine part of us that can be triggered using kabbalistic expressions.

I constructed a short invocation utilizing words to express the ultimate-most high heavenly god that is above all other things etc.
After the invocation i epxerienced a violent descending current from the sahasrara chakra with a huge gravitational power that was pushing me to the ground.

I admit that the first time wasn’t so good but after the first activation the energy was always pure,fluffy,clean and blissful and something tells me that this is the purpose of the middle pillar exercise.To fill your self with the current of the sahasrara chakra.

The words that activate this chakra are:

I am,Heavenly father god,uranus-sky

Keep in mind that heavenly doens’t mean the heaven we know.In this case it’s more like ‘‘sky’’