God forms and evocation of yourself

It didn’t make me tired no, but I felt the pull each time they did it, wanted to test if I could deny or accept it and that worked also.



That’s really interesting thanks for sharing! I was curious what effect invoking a physical spirit would have

So to respond to this thread in general

I built an altar to my godform to see what would happen and because I was trying to come to terms with this massive gnosis I had achieved etc

But once I built it I could feel the energy immediately. So if anything it seems easiest to evoke yourself(?) Still a trippy concept

The energy fit like a glove felt very familiar (well it should right?)

I think of it as a bank account of energy you leave yourself and make withdraws from. Chances are you put enough in there to meet your needs for at least 1 lifetime as well as the needs of anyone out there who may also be evoking that spirit

Like a professional bank account and a personal bank account

As for your own godform’s sigil…why not just create one?? It’s your sigil besides you could create a sigil for any spirit or anything even if it already had one.

Some people prefer using older sigils because they feel the more people have used them the more power they have

But other people work just fine with new ones

It’s really personal preference

At some point some magician had to create the sigil that was handed down


Make lots of deposits in there. You are on the right track.


Thanks Faustus! Will do


You are what the creator is. There is no own godly facet to summon when feeling reprimanded by our aging, old stinking self :slight_smile:

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Sure I understand that. However howcan it be limited to this miserable repetition of file aft life when we “know” that character known as Thoth was once just human

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There’s only one way to answer that. Because we weren’t Thoth at the time. However, until someone has elaborately expanded on their own godly facet I wouldn’t take it for a grain of salt.

The idea of summoning the godly version of ourselves would be aspected to what one’s subconscious would protrude that “image” to be. Much less feasibility than other beings or the higher self.

What is the god form of ourselves anyway? To me these positions of power and supremacy would take longer than some crummy ass earth years to amount to.

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The illusion of evocation of something that is outside but is also inside “man is god, god is man”. We are already gods but we are unrealized in that we still see it all as separate. So we evoke to become and meet what is “outside” but this is not outside because un order to contact successfully ew mysr go within and drop the illusion which is the mind (in this refference anyway).
The funny thing is the evocation s of “god-forms” is developing your own self awareness wherein your “on another plane” and are communicating with something that is “separated” from you. Point is its going in and the invok evok of self could be a way of disintegrating the illusion of separateness and there realising yourself : and possess yourself

this thread certainly webt in circles. So much for obtaining clarification!

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Well like I said earlier, theoretically I should be doable.

So, if you intersted I say give it a shot. Sometimes you dont learn the answers unless you go through with the experiment and test it out.

If you do please let us know what happened.

Best of luck to you on this little adventure.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I love experimenting and throwing myself fully into projects ~~long as i don’t do too many at once

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Hey yes turn out you can invoke yourself :laughing: been working out fine d of far​:slight_smile: