Goblinproofing ones chicken coop

Not sure if this is the right place to talk about it, but I got the new book clint marsh mentioned in his interview with EA. I was thinking, after working out some stuff that might need to be worked out I might try inviting some fae over here to work with.

Now some people might wonder why I would do this, fae aren’t in the same power league as deomns, angels or godforms. Well it all comes down to functionality really. I’m usually fairly serious on this forum, so you might not know it, but I’m a pretty mischievious and trollish sort of person alot of the time. However if I just wanted to randomly fuck with some person I wouldn’t ask a demon or something to do that, because to me asking something like that of that sort of being seems kind of disrespectful. However, some types of fae actually seem to have that as their primary function, its what they do so that wouldn’t come into the equation here. See the unseele court in this article


Goblinproofing ones chicken coop seems to mostly be a book of defense against unseele fae, I only started reading it, but I’ll come back to this topic when I find out more. Kinda hoping that it’ll also go into what these sorts of beings like so I can try to attract them. Though I’m going to need to set some ground rules so they don’t try messing around with me. Anyone try working with these types of beings?

This is interesting, the author of this book actually considers all fae to be unseele and dangerous to varying degrees. This is kind of ironic because fae along angels are the entities the most benign of the white witches like to work with. And we all know that there’s more to angels then they would give them credit for, but it seems this may also be true for fae as well.

Fae are fickle creatures from my understanding. The seelie just as much as the unseelie. On the one hand the seelie are more benevolent but are easily offended in folklore but the unseelie are mischevious tricksters by nature so they both have their pros and cons much like angels and demons.

I’m no expert on them though mind you but I do have some knowledge of the lore that surrounds them because it’s popular in my area and it’s always good to know about the dominant systems of magick being used in your environment.

How do u call fae?

Titan I do not know how to call a fae. However there is an author that writes many books on the subject. Her name is Sorita D’ Este.

Soo wait wait. Now goblins exist as well i take it? Iv read forums that there are ways of seeing/finding them?

Yes, but just an aside since makming this topic I received some info during a ritual that the guy who made the chickencoop book is one of those people who likes to tell fish stories, granted there’s some stuff in the book that kinda gives this away too. So while its an entertaining book I’m not sure how practical it is for someone trying to work with fae.