Hi everyone

Just going through some regular things in my head lol . And decided to make a list because tbh list making has always been something that helped me and was cathartic. I began my practice in August so there is still so much to learn and so. So when I feel down like I don’t know enough or feel dumb then I can remember all these things to still do.

Plus the weather has just gotten sunny and warm where I live so I’m excited as most/almost all of the work I have done has had to be inside shivering lol

So here goes … the list

  1. Make a tarot journal- ive felt the need to do this since the beginning but was procrastinating… now I see the need for it more and more.

  2. Re-do my boveda and clean the altar

  3. Begin going weekly/daily for walks/meditation/work/ etc OUTSIDE

  4. Develop my cuadro espiritual (get to know them better

  5. Make a small altar for an Orisha that helped me recently

These amongst other things. What I find fulfilling about thi is I always feel like there’s something to learn always and it can be a very proactive approach .

So going to work on a lot of these today

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