Goals for my path (So far)

So after awhile of learning, reading forum posts/Google stuff/etc and in general taking notes on life and my interpretation of reality as it is I’ve come up with a few things I definitely want to achieve/complete/work on. These things are as follows:

  1. Working on character/myself.
    . This includes working on myself emotionally, mentally, etc. Building my self confidence, self love, strength and also as well working on mental health for myself. (Which I’m building a relationship with Lilith to hopefully work on, as I see her as self-empowered, confident, etc)

  2. Working on a way to have the part of Conciousness (that I identify with as me) to survive death to. Since I heard after research here plus elsewhere that the personality part doesn’t survive. (Probably gonna petition for help on that to an entity being plus energy work on my part to strengthen whatever energetic body/etc that corresponds to “me” – maybe the astral ?)

  3. Working on astral senses, and my energetic bodies (to strengthen them, work through energetic blockages, etc)

  4. Astral/Soul travel (to learn about myself, and explore different realms/etc)

  5. I’m considering a demonic soul transmutation, it would be after I feel like I’ve built myself up enough for it, but this has become of interest.

  6. Securing some place (in the spiritual realm) for me after my incarnation here, since I don’t want to re-incarnate. Which might be part of whoever I decide to make the soul transmutation pact with (terms and so forth so it’s understood what’s going to happen and any terms/etc). If it’s a demonic soul transmutation then I will most likely want to go to the infernal empire after my incarnation here. (I feel that reincarnation is a CHOICE, however belief can greatly influence that choice as it can with anything in life)

. Alot of the stuff here is more long term goals. However now I’ll be working mainly with Lilith hopefully to build my self confidence, and things like that. Which I feel is already happening.


For the soul transmutation part -

I already intuitively feel that I probably have an element based soul (not human but again don’t know for sure what or if indeed not human) however EVEN if after a soul dive/etc I find that indeed my soul isn’t human…I’m still going to want to do this. If it’s still possible, heard some soul races/species/etc aren’t as malleable as human souls are.

Why, because i want to experience more then one type of “creation” and I feel drawn to this to. I want to gain experience, and grow in that way, then maybe do it again… (if possible)

I’m deciding perhaps becoming an incubus type entity. Not because of the sex part though. (I mean yeah I am a sexual person BUT it’s not my main reason), I’ve heard their in the emotional current, plus the dark energy as well. I’m an emotional type of guy and this would suit me well. I’m also attracted to the darker current of energy.

Of course I know any type of being can have emotions. I also chose this because I definitely feel pretty strongly pulled to work with Lilith, and not just for a couple months/years. I’ll probably be working with her directly/indirectly throughout my lifetime here (confidence/self love/ healing / etc). So maybe when I build a strong bond/connection and FEEL ready to, I might ask her about it (inquire not ask for).

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