Gnosis state and alcohol

The gnosis state can be achieved through alcohol?

I only access the drunk state with alcohol, so I would say no.

Also, please explain what are you refering to when you say “Gnosis”. Or where this idea comes from.

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is a concept present in chaos magick, referring to an altered state of consciousness.

I don’t remember seeing it like that, but it has been some time since I read about it.

Anyway, you may check up an essay called “Pop Magick”, by Grant Morrison, it has all the basic concepts about chaos magick.

There is a comic book that explains this stuff and gives a practical guide, but since I didn’t bookmark it, I can’t find it.

Maybe @DarkestKnight can give you the link.

thank you

By gnosis state you mean a heavy trance ?

Are you referring to the Psychonaut Field Manual?

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That’s a good starting point for OP, if I remember right.

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