Gnosic teachings

I found an old high school buddy that is actually in thw occult (FINALLY) and he is on gnosic path. But he tries to force it on onto you. He first was black and followed EA and now is completely ass backwards. Im open to every teaching so I have been listening to their youtubes and will read the one book he mentioned to me. Has anyone ever had any experience or have knowledge in the path?


Most of the Gnostic material I’ve come across seems very Christian. Not like Santa Muerte the outcast saint kind of Christian, but I-wanna-know-God sort of Christian. Pretty much all I know about it is that it’s a mystic school founded in Egypt. I haven’t really studied it as much as other monotheistic mystic schools (Kabbalah, Yoga, Sufi) but I met a Monothiestic Gnostic on another site and he mostly talks about “knowing” and stuff such as that.

The Chaos Magic book Psyconaut (which I would encourage you to read anyway) has a decent entry on Gnosticism, and Wikipedia has quite a bit to say about it. Other than that, try this;


There is a pre christian idea of Gnosticism that is spiritual knowing. It exists in many cultures in a pre christian way. Think of any story where the character journeys to the underworld and deals with. And acknowledges their own pain and trancends it and leaves the underworld and ascends and reaches godhood.

When i was trying to find my magical name one that best represented my spirit. Lucifer appeared to me and offered me the name Sophia. He the story of the goddess Sophia.

This article tells her story better but there are a lot of variations.

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