Glitch Warship

Mistakes, sin(missing the mark), the fall… Bounce back, Getting back up on the horse, Being on point.

Grace. Forgiveness is Grace. Once a mistake is made, the faster you accept your fault and forgive your sin, the faster you will act to make it look like it was part of the show, and the more Grace you will achieve. The quicker you are in acknowledging the source of the fault, the more charm you will acquire. The tensions, the guilt and shame of not being perfect are sources of power to inspire your style. Style is how you dress your imperfections. The mistakes that arise out of inner tensions(imperfections), the clumsiness and indecisiveness, are signs pointing to the source of those tensions. Any problems that exist are beautiful metaphorical devices signifying the energetic fault in the system. This is the self-correcting mechanism of consciousness formation. The glitch, the recalibrating, recombinant, reorganizing entitization of personality arising autopoietically out of free will. Take charge of your unique beauty, cherish your faults, fix your focus, and handle your sin with Grace.

Blessed Be, Bitchiz!!


I needed to hear this. Thanks my dude.


Yep. Just look at Nature and the way its motion works. The beauty of it is in the imperfection. This is why the golden mean works. It’s not perfect. It has wobble. It is order from chaos.


Any fault in any operation of will is a direct signal from something that needs to be acknowledged and taken into account for further clarity…

This is a foolproof failsafe for enlightenment, lol.