When you call on glasya labolas is it ok to ask him to not kill someone but just harm and torture them


I don’t see why not. I do the same with Pazuzu. Not every conflict must include death to reach resolution.


Glasya Labolas is a close Demon of mine that I have a relationship with.

He has certain requirements at evocation or he can get angry

Be very specific about what you want and who to involve as he will not care about collateral damage. Glasya can and will create a blood bath, I have seen it for myself. He took out 3 members of a family for me in a month .

If you are not very experienced or ready for this them there could be other options for such a task maybe?

To answer the question, yes. He can and will torture only if you structure the petition and ritual around no deaths and only torture for the victim. Be specific about the torture you want to happen to


What are the requirements and can I just evoke him in a lucid dream?? @anon94321331

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Never tried. I do it in the direct Sunlight during the daytime ,outside. I find he sometimes comes to you kin lucid dreams after the evocation if he wants to learn more about you etc


What are the requirements to call on him @anon94321331

There are a few good posts on here to search for and follow actually. You can’t go wrong with Yellow candles, Rosemary and gold rings


This is what I would like. Also for them to know in their minds & hearts exactly why it’s happening.

I recently had my first working with him. For safety reasons I could not do the evocation outdoors, but I did make the effort to present what he likes.
I even wore yellow for the ritual. Yellow candles, fresh rosemary sprigs tied with black ribbon.
Very clear instructions for the target.
I got a clear whoosh around me when I completed the ritual. I know it will be done.
He is a powerhouse. Take it seriously, be respectful and strong. Everything will be fine.


That is AWESOME!!!:facepunch:t3::revolving_hearts:

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To follow up, I just finished a Glaysa ritual for this same purpose. I caught his face grinning in the incense formation and photographed it.

He really loves his workglasya%20black%20and%20white


If I don’t want to do evocation can I just chant it’s enn or name then talk to him? @Dralukmun @Silver_Star