Glasya Labolas and the DoM system

I have scoured the search function before making this post, enough to earn a badge haha; but I cannot find what I’m looking for, only sporadic bits and pieces. GL has entered my thoughts persistently enough to make me ready to contact. I’ve read several success stories of GL and baneful magic; particularly fast results. I’ve also read that the DoM may not be the best approach with his type of spirit, and that they respond better to doing your own thing sans angelic collaboration. I have DoM and experienced albeit incredibly fast results, that were cruelly fleeting. My gut is saying show some courage and just do something personal. My question: how many of you who report incredibly fast responses, used DoM? If not, then what did you do instead? Anybody have bad results from using it to work with baneful spirits and purposes? Thank you in advance.

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Glasya Levulosh is not baneful. Actually, contact him and see.
He can give knowledgeable advice on such areas that doesnt make him baneful (my experience).

Which method is DoM again?

Actually Im good at invoking with my mind, dont know which way is best or easiest for you. Actually I want to take this opportunity to thank him, for guiding me when I was more meek.

What I would recommend, take his sigil, get relaxed in a magical state, in a semi darkend room, let the world around you get blurred and out of focus and dont let that distract you and just keep scrying into the sigil. Let your eyes soften (these things should come naturally, figure out your natural magic system yourself is best…) Notice if you think you see any shapes or maybe even some sort of face. If you hear a voice of ‘intuition’ dont dismismiss it as your own, slowly (I still at times struggle to maintain connection without losing focus and cutting it off at times)-but usually doesnt happen once firm contact is made) but keep looking at the sigil dont lose your magical state. Ask your question(s), listen to the answer, dont think its your mind or intrution, because this can and will break the connection. Write down what you get. It sounds impossible but start off by blanking your mind and concentrating on the sigil. Good luck. And hes not going to eat you for dinner lol


Okay semantics, my apologies. Yeah I’ve felt him enough to know he’s not bad or “evil”. What I meant by baneful is to the purpose of certain traits he is well known for…you understand? I don’t like going into personal detail here about curses and baleful works. But sometimes they are a necessity. I like GL, but I am also respecting the terrifying power he can wield, hence why I’m asking this question specifically about systems of evocation with him, FOR baneful purposes.

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Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. And thank you for the share, that’s honestly what my gut is telling me to do, just forgo all the pageantry and someone else’s system. I do want to be close to him. He resonates with me on a spiritual level, if that makes any sense. I would love to develop a relationship with him that lasts and work with him on anything that might come up. I’ve never felt so drawn to literally any other entity as I am to him. I think he’s cool and I hope he thinks I’m cool too. So your system: have you had success or fairly fast response with this method? And have you used DoM? Thank you for your responses

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It took me almost a year to approach this without fear, and in a state of wonder and excitement!

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