Glastonbury, Festivals and and the Spiritual energies at these events

Hi all.

I was just wandering if anyone else on this forum is catching any of the Glastonbury music festival on tv, radio or online and what the coverage is like elsewhere in the world? Do other countries get to see much of it?

Many people remark on how this is a special event, unlike any other and the best music festival in the world.
Any comparisons?

Also, I wonder what the spiritual activity is like in the air there, in a magickal sense.
I’ve been a few times in the past and the air has always been thick with good emotions and a gooey kind of lovelyness. A supercharged vibe of life.

With magick and alternative spiritualist acceptance on the rise, there must be a lot of people there at the festival right now experiencing something changing if they practice anything of the sort that gets discussed on these pages, don’t you think?

I mean, I can imagine lots of chosen demons and angels present there with the people that do practice.
And what about practicing magick whilst at an event like this? Almost everyone there will be in an altered state whether or not they take any substances, purely because of the combined vibrations generated there.

Any thoughts??

P.S. If you have watched any acts there, who have you enjoyed watching? :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m watching the Chemical Brothers live now and wishing I was there in the crowd again lol !!

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Go to a big trance festival like the boom festival and feel something special, not in Glastonbury.

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Oh I’ve not heard of that one, where is it held? Why is it special?
And I’ve kind of outgrown going to festivals nowadays - too tiring lol

It’s the first self sustainable festival in the world. It’s quite energetic.

Well Glastonbury is probably one of the most witchy and spiritual towns in the whole UK.
Just walking by the town you see dozens of magical shops, crystal healing centres, tarot readers, pagan sanctuaries, the Well, etc.

All of that energy, as well as the story of Glastonbury itself according to the Celtic legends must play a part of it for sure.

It is probs stuffed of fairies and elementals, from what I have experienced visiting it.