Glass candle holder broke

I’m not sure which category this should fall under. I tried to call upon Pomba Gira again today. I lit a red taper candle but after meditating and trying, I still couldn’t feel her presence. Penny divination wasn’t working out for me either. I got lots of 2 heads and 2 tails. Her response kept changing too so I decided to stop trying and left the candle to burn. Shortly after the candle had been completely burned, the top part of the glass candle holder broke. Is this a bad sign? :confused:

Edit: One part of it is still attached to the holder but the other two parts fell off

Did you released her?
Also no need to make a new thread, you have already this open with the same topic: Pomba Gira

No I didn’t. I didn’t feel anything so I just stopped and went on to do other stuff. Was I supposed to do something? /:

Well, just because you didn’t felt her presence doesn’t mean she’s not there. So yea you should…

Ahh, sorry I didn’t know that would be related. I was just wondering if a broken glass candle holder was a bad omen.

I forgot about that /: This must be it. Will take note and do so in future. Thank you!

Imagine it like someone you don’t know well (or at all) invites you to their house. You’re getting dressed, leaving your home, pull the car from the parking lot, driving through the traffic and when you reach their place they just ditch you there and they leave without telling you what to do with yourself. Wouldn’t you feel angry? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Should I call upon her again and apologize?

this actually happened to me just recently after a very intense working

:fearful: I was only trying to communicate with her though. She must have been pissed that I just left /:

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Was it just an evocation or did you actually do any craft?

Just an evocation today

Sorry I’m answering between sessions. I didn’t scan if she’s still there but just apologise and release her if you haven’t yet.

Also, just heat from the candle could break it. I had an incense cone break a webbed glass jar. Just accident…

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Fire and glass do not go together well… Glass brakes or shatters when put under the flame.

So this could have been do fire touching glass and is just an accident or maybe it was the spirit that you were calling who broke the glass.

Not necessarily.

I make candles and sometimes it has to do with how close the wick was to the glass etc…

I’ve heard some manufactur make them to do that so that ppl will think they are cursed and come back and buy more

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