I was thinking of applying for a job and I have reservations. I am totally qualified for this job, so it’s not a stretch in that regard. It’s my age. If I do any sort of glamour, either through spell work or with the help from a demon, realistically, how much younger can I expect to look? I am looking for like 5-10 years off of my age, is that too ambitious?


I don’t think it’s too ambitious if that’s your intent. Why not go for it and see what happens…

Good luck on the interview. In addition to doing the glamour magick, just go in with confidence, age be damned, and make it to where they don’t even care about your looks, age, etc.


i’m sorry but I think that this is the wrong approach you need to be doing a ritual and/or spell to ensure you get the job FULL STOP that’s all inclusive and will wipe away any shortcomings in the eyes of the interviewer age included.


Maybe not now, but for later on, get Anton LaVey’s The Compleat Witch, now published as The Satanic Witch. There’s a lot of good stuff in that book, especially if you can read between the lines and think outside the pages. Written for women but also applicable to men. Highly recommended.



There is a Goetic spirit named President Ose. He’s Awesome with projecting glamours. Also King Balam can help with illusions too.
Consider Prince Orobas for actually making you appear in high value and esteem compared to others that are applying for the same position. He is a bestower of dignities and can help make you seem very valuable.
Good luck.


This was only going to be one component of what I was proposing to do. I have never done a glamour spell/working, so I was wondering what I could expect. This will likely be a layered working.

This career has an unusual interview process that involves many stages, The first (if selected) is a one way video interview and if they like you, they fly you down for a 4 hour long group interview where they watch you interact with other 35 other candidates. Then you get up in front of everyone to talk about yourself, then you have a group project where they watch you to see if you can give and take orders. After that, is a smaller group interview with a panel where they watch to see how quickly you can answer the interview questions. If they like you, they ask you to stay for one on one interviews. If not, they send you on the bus back to the airport. Which is where my interview experience ended the last time I applied for this job.

If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Thank you. I feel like I can do this job well, it’s just such a competitive field.

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@Uncle-Al thanks for the title of the book. I shall check it out. I am always looking for new things to learn, anyway.

@anon25000386 I have asked Prince Orobas earlier this year to help my husband get a promotion/raise. He was promoted with a large salary bump in June and started his new position in July. I didn’t even think of asking him for help. Thank you.

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Glad I could help