I wonder whether there is any possible way of casting a glamour spell or performing a glamour ritual with the help of a demon. If yes, then let me know.

That is definitely one of the more tame "i wonder if x is possible"Questions. It’s actually been done, over and over, on this forum. Yeah, Glamour and demons go pretty well hand in hand

You don’t really need the demon if you learned how to do it correctly on your own. You can also be more sure about your results if you do it on your own. But, I see that if you’re starting out you might want to petition someone.

honestly I want to say it depends on waht the glamour is for. There are infinite different types of Glamour spells. The one you’ll probably want is from

Lilith, just a solid glamour spell for looking more attractive and sexually appealing
Dantalion, good for attracting some sort of romantic partner
Or Sitri, just flat-out lust and nothing but immense lust


Making one appaer good loking/sexy is easier than rituals which try to make it for real,its much more achievable, hell, if you know how to manipulate energy you can manipulate your own aura for this.

To do the above, simply say aloud how you want people to perceive you (i.e "I am sexy and gorgeous). You will feel a vibration from these words, or a sort of feeling from the words if you check them energetically. impose this feeling over your energetic system and attempt to integrated into the system, hard code it in.

Do that for long enough and that’s how people will perceive you, because that’s what you will be


I have been thinking alot about working with Sitri regarding this glamour magick and also reconciliation with my ex. I don’t know where to start from.

You have to do an introduction first.

I guess, I did

Start with asking if these are the right thing for you. I sense divination is a good next step for you.


For this will be a good tool for you to use.

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Cool! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry I didnt see that before.

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Glamour is bullshit if you ask me

I love your honesty.

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Glamour is suppose to be bullshit, glamour is literally a spell of illusion and deceit of the mind.

Personally I would get more into aura manipulation as how people perceive you is based around your aura as well, the vibe you give off, those within the scope of your auric field. When you cross someone physically and get a attraction towards them or a bad feeling, that’s the you being in their auric field.


The Compleat Witch or What to do When Virtue Fails by Anton LaVey.


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