Giving thanks to Santa Muerte (Love spell)

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Be careful with Santa Muerte. It’s true that she’s very powerful (my own experience tells me that), but she also needs compromise. Don’t work with her if you just want to use her and then forget about her.


She works well for me too


Thank you so much for the advice!!

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Hey, could you please tell us the whole process of contacting and speaking your wish? I am in the exact same situation and my heart aches like nothing ever before. I’m also new to magick and occult so there’s that. Thanks in advance

Sure, if it was not clear in the post.
I printed a picture of Santa Muerte and lit an incense and a white candle for her. I left a glass of water, a glass of beer and some candies in front of her image as an offering. I did not say any specific prayer, I just started talking and asked her to listen to me. I said that if she helped me, I would take her name to other people. As soon as I received the first sign, I lit another candle, offered another glass of water and a glass of wine. And a few days later I got the other result.


And aren’t afraid that you will have to dedicate your life to her from now on? Sorry if I seem insecure, but I’m new to all this and I just want to do good. How about the offerings? What do you do with them? You just leave them there and throw them away after awhile?

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I grew up in the Culto Privado and I can tell you right now that all the people in the US and Europe who think they work with Santa Muerte basically work with a death like egregore in the astral made from indo European collective personification. Her real Culto Privado comes from my culture and she has a secret name, a specific away that the altar is set up and a special way she is called , like all Santos Malditos. Her mysteries are beautiful and she is a very unique and special power, but one cannot just buy a lifeless plastic statue and set up an “altar” however they want when she laid down specific instructions to her priesthood the way that she demands and expects her service to be done. Also there are private aspects that are awesome that you won’t ever see on Google searching or in a book, for those who are serious about her and can provide me with evidence of a genuine calling or reason to get to know her just PM me and I will share the actual practices from my cultura. Me vale Madre k those who want to scoff or hate feel free, cuz we are definitely not worried about any real secrets falling into their hands. All the claims in the world but they cannot even figure out the basics when you test them with fake “knowledge” and they agree hahaha. I’ve seen white guys claiming to have learned her secrets feom a damn curandera. That’s literally laughed at in Mexican culture, I’m sorry but no.

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@Lady_Eva Please remove him he’s just shitposting on different forums.

As for everyone else, ignore him.
Good luck on your work with her!


Haha so a private cult from my culture that I grew up with is shitpostung just because it doesn t fit into what you want to be reality? Fun. go ahead and cry, but don’t claim things from my culture that you know literally nothing about but it sounds cool cuz it’s exotic to your world

And who are you to say that it isn’t my culture as well? You are nothing but negative and honestly it’s not needed nor does it help anyone in the thread.
You should be happy people are looking to broaden their horizons, although you feel you have conjured something more superior DOES NOT make others findings untrue or indifferent. grow up.


Okay if it’s your culture validate it. Adonderes tu y kete ofrezes?

@DesertFox What you’re saying sounds exactly like how religious extremists are thinking. My God is the real God, your God is Satan. :slight_smile:

So people around the whole world calling Santisima Muerte, she answers them. But in your opinion she’s not. Something/Someone else answering them because the REAL Santisima Muerte only answers the lucky people who know her top VIP secrets, and you’re one of those, right ?!

Let’s say you’re right . Does it matter? No. The only difference is that it makes you feel better about yourself and your culture!

Black magick, is all about what works. Not history lessons, or cultural backgrounds or personal fantasies. If what people are doing gets results, then that’s all what really matters. Anything else is irrelevant.


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Hahahaha that pic was awesome!

And no that’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m just pointing out that her cult is very rral and as hard as it might be for you to beleive it, some things you can’t just pull up on Google or in a book :slight_smile: this is a beautiful cult from my heritage and blood culture that I grew up with, and the stuff I see online and in books is literally laughed at in Mexico by her Culto Privado. Then I see people online who dont know that side of my culture because its actually something you have to have grown up with and be a part of and speak the language to know about- and im just being ssincere about reality there. Now if you want to practice you’re idea of what you think she is or how you think you do it feel free-Im not telling you to stop at all. All I did was offer my insights into the real thing from Mexico to those who contact me privately with legitimate evidence of a calling from her. If that bothers you I can’t help you, and there’s probably a reason that it does :wink:

All i am going to say is this and i mean it with all of my being she is real she is helpful she is protective she is beautiful she amazing and she is loving through the almighty powerful GOD she is always there for me no matter what i always have talks with in private her presence is always near she shows me that she has my back. I love her and adore her with all my heart and soul and there is nothing she will not do for you just believe and have faith patience is very important with her and your promises better be well kept i will always remain loyal and devoted you santisima mi amor mi flaca forever you will be a part of me…


Thank you santisima muerte for everything you do for me and will continue to do…

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Yo tengo gran deseo a tener una relación con ella- cómo hija y madre

I think knowing secret names and those types of things are always helpful when working with specific beings and even with Santa Muerte, but you certainly don’t need to know that type of deep knowledge to work with her. She is fair and mysterious, and I think she is more interested in those who are genuine and authentic and those who want to work with her in a heartfelt way.

She is very special to me, and there are a lot of misconceptions about her floating around it seems. I have never worked with her for love related reasons, but I am working with her on clearing my body of trauma and for assistance as I progress on my spiritual path.