Giving thanks to Dantalion

Part of my agreement with Dantalion was to make his name known, and it is with great happiness that I write my experience. Dantalion proved to be a very generous and effective Daimon with me. Before I even evoked him, while I was only studying about him, he seemed to be an accessible spirit. He appeared in a dream for me as a blond woman a few days before I performed the ritual, but said nothing. I gave him 2 tasks, that are loving requests. I told him that the second request had until the end of the year to happen (in view of the complexity of the same) and asked for a sign that he would agree to work with me in that case. I asked him to express himself without frightening me, and he left me three days in a row feeling my whole body tingling (from the day before the ritual until a day later). But to summarize: Dantalion began to show me the result in just 2 days after the ritual. Now you picture: think of a person who has never, in more than two years, shown any kind of affection. In 2 days, that person had changed from water to wine. Today I believe that this first manifestation was the sign that he would accept to help me. He is a very powerful Duke, best known for being able to change the thoughts of any person, to cause love and to show the similarity between two people, anywhere in the world. But other than that, he is also an excellent teacher, able to teach much about life, science, etc. They say he carries a book in his right hand. For now I only have good things to say about this Daimon, but I know it’s just the beginning


Wow thats amazing, please keep us updated on any more developments. Did you do a full ritual or just open his sigil?

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I did the full ritual, with his sigil, the triangle, circle, 3 purple candles and incenses. That result is the only one until today.


Very interesting, I should work with Dantalion in the future!

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So was going to open Dantalions sigil today, was already, had green candles, and as a offering Sandalwood incense, wine, and chocolate.
Fucking woke up this morning with man flu!
So works have been put back to Saturday

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