Giving tasks in numbers?

I have so many things that I need done, and Belial has been coming through for me without fail. The particular manifestations fall into his realm so I continue to call on him for things, we talk as well. However as I only just begun this path in mastering evocation I wanted to ask some of the veterans here something. Is it ok to ask him for multiple tasks at once, or should I request one per evocation? Not sure if the spirits will get annoyed or feel disrespected. What is your experience with this? The tasks need to get done quickly, so do I ask all at once or do I ask 1 per evening? Thanks

Azazel, has given me multiple tasks at once before. but its key to remember not to take on more than you can do.
In our head it sounds great all the things we want to do. but think realistically about what you can actually do. and how good are your multi task skills? can you get the different tasks organized in a way that you can get them done?
If you can then go for it. :grinning: