Giving LHP a try? Scared of going to hell. Help

I appreciate your opinion but you sound like a lunatic.

“Maybe” you’re wrong? You know, it’s facinating to see people be this dismissive of something for which they have no reference. It’s a little pompous to say the least. Why bother entertaining the subject at all if it’s all just a “maybe”?

Even if I considered myself a Black magician, I’d resist the temptation to spread propaganda and just say I don’t know when it comes up; because nobody knows.

Can we not turn this thread into your what if’s and uncertain belief system? Lol


Lol no it’s okay, just probably should stay on topic about the OP.

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You want to skip Hell (I don’t honestly believe it is so different from our world) just read the kemetic Book Of The Dead. When I talkedto Anubis about fear of death he showed me a specific part in it that is a spell to get past hell.

We are already in hell

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You’re not going to hell for practicing magick. In fact, Hell and Heaven aren’t afterlives; they’re just places where demons and angels live respectively. The whole “eternal damnation” thing was made up by Christianity.

So take a breath and relax.


@Phoenix_Tears You won’t lose your God for practicing magick. There are many Christian magicians that work with demons.


Yesss :100: :clap:

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Go to hell and then once you realuzes its not as bad as you thought youll be fine lol.

Thats what happened to me psychosis in hell last winter was a tripl

I can understand a lot of your Catholic fears and am coming to understand it more as just programming from the religion. I had my family threaten me with hell and punishment since I was a little kid, just to get me to behave. As time went on, I questioned everything for years until I just stopped identifying with religiosity. I still believe in God but it is more my own concept of God. At the end of the day it just matters what you think God is.

I have been having a hard time letting the fears go too, because I was taught this was wrong, but curiosity has got the best of me and I have since communicated with demons and other spirits. I don’t do hardly any rituals with demons but their influences have been helping me make changes in my perspectives about some situations and beliefs I have.

Maybe angel magick might be good to start off with. Archangels are very helpful and give really good energy and enthusiasm :slight_smile: If you go at your own pace, you might feel comfortable communicating with a different spirit.

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Hi Guys.I am new here and my name is Gerald.
I personally believe that one should attempt building relationships with the entities on the path they work with to mitigate these fears.

The mere fact you repeatedly refer to it as “messing around” tells me you don’t have the level of respect or maturity necessary.
And before anyone squawks at me about running off new members, I only say this for THEIR SAFETY.
So keep your squawks to yourself. :+1::heart:

Welcome @Gerald8. Please properly introduce yourself in your own thread in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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So…first I would say this…if you have a fear of the deities/entities/demons, whatever you want to call them… the first thing you need to do is…not work with them until that fear is overcome…at least to a reasonable degree.

I say this for one simple reason…if you come to them with that energy…that is what you will get…it will become a dm self fulfilling prophecy. I work with Lucifer, but before I did, I did my research and learned about him OUTSIDE of the Bible and the church. I also suggest that you research the term Demon/Daimon and what it actually means. You’ll find that it is a much less terrifying definition than
church tells you.

Secondly…understand that Lucifer and the Demons are not evil…again, not how church taught you. And if you work with the Angels…you’ll find that they aren’t what the church taught you either.

You have to understand that in order to operate in these types of traditions, you have to do a paradigm shift. You can’t approach this from a biblical/Christian perspective. These Gods predate the Bible by THOUSANDS of years.

If you just type Lucifer into the search bar, many threads will pop up and if you read through, you will get a better understanding of who he really is…
I have a post that is Lucifer telling new his origins from his own perspective, and others have posted similar. It is here:

In the end…the only way for you to know and get rid of the fear is to reach out and build your own relationship with Lucifer. He doesn’t want to lead you to hell, you don’t have to stop believing in God, and you don’t have sacrifice babies.

He teaches you pride, self respect, dignity, freedom, how to stick up for yourself etc…

He’s great! But do you research and bring that fear level down a bit and you’ll be just fine!


Hey, Hell is a lot of fun. Take a look…


Lucifer is a tricky one, he can come as many different forms. You cant get the light without out being illuminated through the darkness. He is many things but mostly a angel that has perfected balance. Fear can stimulate the senses but can also be roaddblock when tryin to achieve that state of rapture. Dont not go to a high ranking demon and ask to show you if it’s real. Big mistake I’ve made in the very beginning

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Thanks everyone for the information. I appreciate the help. I wasnt expecting anyone to reply lol. I’ve been doing research but I’ve been all over the place. I want to balance the light and the darkness. I feel as if I need both in my life to obtain my fullness of myself if that makes since.


Your instincts imo are quite right on there. A merely left or right hand path magician is precisely half a magician :wink:

“My adepts stand upright; their heads above the Heavens, their feet below the Hells.”

  • Aleister Crowley

It makes perfect sense.


My advice to you is to start training in a legit magickal system to awaken and refine your astral senses, and then call archangel michael himself up in evocation and ask him who the christian god really is.

You may be surprised what he tells you.

After you get your answers from the horses mouth so to speak, then I suggest you ask Michael what is allowed and what isn’t, the concept of hell, damnation etc,.

Also if you’re that scared and unsure of demon magick, then by all means work with the angels for the time being until something changes your mind.

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