Giving LHP a try? Scared of going to hell. Help

Hi everyone. I’m new to messing around with magick and sorcery. I’m a catholic but been interested In Lucifer for many years. Especially after reading the revelation of Lucifer the divine. i felt a connection since. I’m scared of losing God and sending myself into hell. This is the ONLY thing holding me back from being able to let go and mess around with rituals, sigils, invocations, evocation, demonic leaders, etc. Can I still apply good will of the heavenly father and work with the good angels as well? Does anyone know if it’s ok to play with fire with the risk of getting burn, but still being a good person and finding a place of rest in the end when I’m dead? Sorry if this sounds weird. I know some dont like Christian’s but I’m the type to judge unless I would t be here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Also, I went ahead and bought Awakening Lucifer and I’d hate to not read it because of my fears. Thanks


We’re occultists. We do whatever we damn well please. No one puts us anywhere we don’t want to be in any life if they know what’s good for them.


There are already topics on here about people questioning using both sides, just use the search function.

Well if you want to reason your way through it, you have no reason to fear going to hell because you’re already here. In the bible god casts him to hell, so it only stands to reason that he’d be trapped there. Read Job 1:7 and actually think about how Lucifer answers god when god asks where he’s been. “Walking to and fro among the sons of men” basically. Now ask yourself where the sons of men are, do what you wish with this information.


You to where you want to go, only case a religion has power over you is it you dedicate yourself to it willingly meaning you give that pantheon power over you. Your faith and path is up to you. You dedicate yourself to something or to yourself.


Do not worry about going to hell because the world we live in is hell already, you would understand this if you see how it really works, where we are at this point in time and where humanity and society are heading. When you see these things you stop worrying about if you will go to hell because you will understand that we already live in a nightmare beyond human imagination and you will realize what needs to be done in order to get out of it and it’s certainly not to be restricted by the rules of religion. In my opinion, anything is justified in the name of getting out of here and nobody except you has the right to judge you by your actions or punish you for what you have done. What you deeply feel is right, is the only thing that matters. Religion uses fear to control the general population and keep them away from the knowledge and power that we all have the right to have so that they can remain in control and guide humanity in a specific direction that is unbeneficial to the majority of people alive in today’s world and the people of the future. Lucifer can help free you of your fear, just as he did with mine and once you establish a relationship with him, you will understand how amazing it really is and suddenly it makes more sense why they would want to scare you into staying away. If you give in to the fear you really just give the controllers more power over you and your reality instead of taking control of it yourself.


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Don’t worry about it if you stay a great person you will be fine call him and I’m sure he can answer everything truthfully with you he is quite the funny guy let me tell you lol he is really insightful and wise there isn’t a need to be scared

According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead if, after death, one is able to recognize angered gods and such as projections of him/herself, everything is fine. Actually, it isn’t simple, so a preparation during life becomes somewhat necessary.

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If your scared to go to hell think about what
you want from entities. If it’s not detrimental
there should be no reason for going to hell.

You could also take in that “hell” is just a name for the infernal Empire, there’s no pain or suffering. It’s just like going to another country or civilization. The infernal empire is home to demons, humans, fallen angels, and other non humans who chose to live there. Take out the Christian mess and there’s nothing to fear lol.

Being scared of Hell is a legitament fear, since no one can tell you with certainty what awaits them in the after-life.

However, this fear ought not to be a burden. Use it as fuel to push you to explore the blackest, most dastardly of magic. I know–sounds counterintuitive. The idea is to get as close to Hell as possible to find out for sure what Hell is really about (since you’re still unsure).


Welcome to the forum,

I dont think it’s responsible of you to want to “mess” with this stuff or to seem to be seeking validation for doing so in other members, this just provides someone for you to blame later if it doesn’t go well. This is your journey.

I hope I don’t come across harsh, I just wished you had picked other definitions for your curiosity. I do honestly welcome you to the forum and I really look forward to reading what your write in your posts


Welcome to the party!

And no, you won’t go to hell, and absolutely not so for pursuing a legitimate quest for knowledge and in the long run, enlightenment. Unless of course, that’s where you want to go, you know, for vaycays and other… stuff…

Some of us do :joy:

Enjoy your stay!

lol I’m not unsure but I mean telling me it’s a legitimate fear is kind of stating the obvious lol. The legitimate fear is a fear brought on my religious dogma and said fear can fade in many ways lol.

lol I’m not unsure but I mean telling me it’s a legitimate fear is kind of stating the obvious lol.

You are absolutely right. Thanks for clearing that up. @anon48079295

No prob bob ;3

I can understand your fear, as it is part of your faith. But, seeing as you already bought the book, you might as well read it and see if it inspires you. Ultimately, it is your choice whether or not you take the plunge yourself.

Finding out the origins of where the word hell comes from in the bible might help put some ease to it. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where the most accepted concepts of popular beliefs within the faith came from, which led to me looking at some of the original languages (mainly hebrew and greek). Much of the imagery of what hell is supposingly like does not even come from the bible itself (the Italian poet Dante can be thanked for that, although he was mainly describing the political scene of I believe Florence at the time, not what he thought hell was like). Remembering that the text holy to your faith was also been shaped by human conquest over others is also something to keep in mind (and it certainly is not the only book that has been shaped by war). Knowledge can be just as valuable as will when it comes to conquering fears, if that is what you choose to do.

As far as what spirits you can work with, that is completely up to you. Plenty of people here have worked with Angels and demons successfully.


How do you know he won’t go to Hell? You’ve never died.

Because the Hell as described in the Bible is a thought-construct :smiley:

Many cultures have had realms of the dead, but those were mostly just that, afterlives, and not even all that violent. The “burning in eternal hellfire” is kinda a christian invention and even so, as far as I’ve been able to research, early Christians did not entertain the idea of a place of eternal damnation such as Christians of today (of post-medieval Europe) does.

Of course, I might be totally wrong and will indeed burn in hell for all of eternity. But rather that than a attending a Sunday sermon every day forever until the end of days and then some. I’d pick the napalm over that, any day of the week.

I suppose it’s just the secular child in me, so never mind :stuck_out_tongue: