Giving free readings! (please read well)

I’m back with more free readings, now here’s the deal
I will make tarot and astrological readings

The tarot readings will only be to solve problems in the present (not predictive readings), and they can be about any issue except karmic issues (that would need a Rahdue’s wheel, which might take up to 3 hours so is not a free option)

The astrological readings I am offering are:
1 Solar coaching (if you feel lost and do not know what is your zodiac sign mission)
2 Lunar reading (this reading shows you a better way to handle your emotions)
3 Simple Synastry reading for specific issues with your partner (this is for a relationship I would not go deep on it but it will tell you what you need)
4 Specific issue solving (this is for a specific topic)

for reading 1 I will need your zodiac sign
for readings 2,3 & 4 I will need your birth date birth time and birth place.
for reading 3 I will need birth date time and place of the other person as well

if you want to understand better the nature of a relationship and you don’t have this details
im offering you reading:
5 solar relationships (just by your signs I can tell you a little more about the nature of the relationship)

All of this is totally free I will only ask you in return, you give me a reference in my site (I give you the link in the PM)

leave a comment and I’ll be back with a PM to you as soon as I can (do not PM directly please, so the tread keeps up).

I will do as much readings as I can so you have to be patient.


I forgot I also offer this readings in Spanish


I’ll pm you, thanks in advance :upside_down_face:

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Can you give me a reading?

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If you can i need a reading too
Thanks :+1::black_heart:

PM ing you right now

PM ing you too

Number 1 please.

Can you do energy scans?

May I have a reading please?

I just pm’d you.

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Im sending you a PM

Sending you a PM

Podrías hacerme una lectura de tarot?
Could you do a tarot reading for me?

Hey ! I’m interested in reading number 3 :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested in a Tarot reading, please. :slight_smile:

Could I have a lunar astrological reading pls?
00:30 approximately
Athens Greece

te envio un PM ahora

I’ll send you a message


I would love if I could get a reading for 1 and 2, please.