Giving Belial praise he deserves

I was supposed to do this about a week ago…but I got too caught up in my own life. I made a really good deal with Belial. He gave me a boost in power, and I used it to truly discover myself and get what I want. I became extremely strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. I first noticed this a few hours after the ritual took place, and I had meditated. The way I entered a room, spoke with people, asserted myself, stood tall and proud, almost everything about me had changed for the better. In return, I was told to give him praise publicly, and urge people to work with him. I forgot to do this, and he didn’t hesitate to take everything I got away. I finally meditated again, and he also didn’t hesitate to remind me of my part of the deal. However! I really do URGE everyone to work with Belial. I’ve only worked with a handful of entities, and none of them really have the impact that Belial does. By impact I mean he’s powerful as all hell, and will do more than you ask, as long as he knows you will keep your side of the deal (if there is one). But he also expects you to do your own shit, and not bother him about every little thing that happens. If you seek power and self-reliance, Belial is one of the best entities to work with.

He will make you strong… even if the path is painful.

Today we had big doins and Belial was a huge part of it, and so there will be easily a weeks worth of Thanksgiving to my Beloved PactLord Belial, as well as other PactLords, Leviathan, Abbadon, and Vine ( who i had no intent until the last minute of calling upon his support, but thanks to my Eternal Blessing EA Koetting- i feel just damn spoiled and glad for it !) Hail beloved Belial, The Truly Priceless Blessing unto those who call upon him!!!

Agreed. I know I feel like shit, but I also know I’m going to get through this and be more than I was before.

Indeed! He’s a good ally. I enjoy working with him.