Give me some experience on how to influence people in real time

I Work with a lot of people. I want to influence some feelings, beliefs or other illusions or whatever

How do I work on influencing people like that? I don’t have the best track record with that.


You’re amazing, thanks. Now I have the techniques needed


the method makes me feel very charged in a emotional way

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Is that a good thing? If you direct that energy while using it on someone I find it to be very effective. Even if I can’t get the right emotion up originally, I can change into whatever is needed to use for this type of energy work.:woman_shrugging:t3:

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find commonality between your co-workers and yourself and use that as a way of swaying others to your side.

with woman appeal to their emotions to men appeal to logic, not all men are logical and not all woman are emotional but most are.

make it a point of “taking the floor” and telling others what need to be done ie: learn to feel the room and take advantage of it.

always dress better than everyone else.

i work in sales, and regularly talk in front of 50+ people. learning to sway a group of people is magick thats been lost. it’s really not something that can be taught, you just have to practice till you find your own method. also join local groups in your area that teach speaking in public.

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Maybe I should have redirected it a little more efficiently. It would have helped more. Plan wasnt to make me feel in love with myself

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