Give me a list of Angel's who teach necromancy?

Give me a list of Angel’s who teach necromancy?
All of the ones you can think of

And you can’t Google the information…why?

We are not going to list every possible angel that can help in Necromancy. No one has time for that. You will have to do some research for yourself


It was perfectly relevant to see if there are others who may already have the knowledge themselves without them having to research it.

But I agree. The question could be read as “do it for me, I’m a lazy ass low IQ’d being”. But that wasn’t the point. It’s that I’m well aware that there are already erudite humans on this website that seem well versed enough to answer such a question off top which is why I asked it.

The Archangel Samael , that’s about it .


I don’t think that there are any particular Angels of Necromancy. But, I think that you could have success with the Angels of Death, but there are a lot of them.

Here’s an unorganized list: Adriel, Abaddon, Azrael, Gabriel, Hemah, Kafziel, Kezef, Malach ha-Mavet, Mashhit, Metatron, Samael, Yehudiah, Yetzer-hara, Suriel, Michael, Meshabber, and Af.


Seems a bit backward to me, bring up the REAL dead for a conversation is harder than getting a view of the future.

Do you see where you may be going wrong ?

You could just instead ask for the future to be known and it’s yours directly, no dead needed.

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The reason I asked was because I invoked an angel, pretty sure it was anauel but it was a guardian angel of the lighter persuasion with mercurial aspects who I saw on a website teaches necromancy. I don’t think that an angel has to be a death angel to teach it

And I was just wanting to make sure I had the right angel in mind so I knew which one to uninvoke and its name

Did you chk amazon its a few ebooks who have tat rituals.

do you know the name?

If you want to know the future you have authority to go direct to the leading archangels who command more angels than i can count who will help you.

Go to them, they will likely delegate the required… although, themselves they are not bound by time so can help you directly if needed.

If you want to continue this path let me know and Ill assist

Well they arent interested in a posession style invoke you just take on their powers, mindset, influence.

You wouldnt need to get rid of anything, unless it was something more sinister that was interested in taking on flesh.

Archangel Azrael and Samael.

From what I recall the Bible is against necromancy, so I highly doubt any teach it aside from The Archangel Samael

Because it says it is a false path of bullsh*t. It says, it isn’t possible, because they are dead, they are rested, not wandering in and out of houses like people imagine stuck on an astral plane. Those are the damned or undeveloped, walking the earth, always in the dark (who ghost hunts at noon on a beach?)

All you end up is tricked, spirit pretending to be those once here with unlimited knowledge from the records to make you believe "it truly is grandad " People in the bible looked to raise the dead for answers, when they did they got a telling off “wtf are you dragging me up for? Dont ask me I dont bloody know, God told you what to do, he’s ignoring you now, that’s on you” back to sleep

Lazarus was different ,he was given breathe of life as part of a miracle into his already good to go body.