What can I do with magick to remove gingivitis? The pain so intense that I cannot remove it with normal pain medication. I have accumulated earth element to infuse a rav crystal but it has not been able to remove it. I had in mind to accumulate earth element to infuse a Chlorhexidine bottle to enchance it.

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Gargle oregano and warm salt water. Spit don’t swallow.

Basic plant and kitchen magic, but best to always do your own research here too for safety😁. Oregano is also good for sore throats and things of the like. It’s just about every anti word there is in regards to medication.

Use clove if you have pain. Clove lessen the pain and is also antiseptic. I like to make an oil, but google can help you with powdered or whole or you could just make it like a tea and swish it around.

Green tea and peppermint are other herbal options among many, but since you really want to spit not swallow, I recommend oregano, you won’t swallow because it tastes baaaad.


Have you used this against Gingivitis?

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I’ve used it against gum infection of unknown origin, as well as for sinus colds and sore throats.

I’ve had issues since I was a teenager with braces and spots on the inside gum of my teeth becoming inflamed.

My orthodontist told me back then (twenty years ago) to brush until they bleed to flush it out, but that is painful and I’ve found oregano and salt to usually work in one or two gargles.