Gifts of Luck

I’m doing free spreads of luck. I have been very successful doing this with complete strangers. However due to this being the internet I’m gonna improvise.

Usually this would be something done alone or just one other person present. And usually not used for anything other than a question. However for this experiment I want to try something that will depend entirely on your involvement. And by that, you are not required to ask for a reading. In fact I am going to discourage any one revealing their involvement unless the experiment was successful.

I will show you an offer…where no matter how the results end up there is no risk of anything but a little push of more luck at one thing or no affect whatsoever.

As the participant you simply make a mental note of something …or have your own item to attract the luck…so when I show the items you get to choose from you know which one is closest to being related to your item. The choice from my items should be devised from your own keys and feelings. The closer you are to not wanting to do this…the better I see the possibility of being able to boost your luck…

  1. Think of your lucky item, or make a sigil using one specific color.

  2. Find your item on my list.

I will base the board games “luck” from a tarot card draw. Aswell try to influence all the items to fall into the more lucky spot. The opposite to the luck I am going to consider as a part of the board not unlucky, but that no connection is established between here and there…what may prove to be interesting is if luck goes to that side of the group.

Your new item will fall to one side or the other in the luck of the drop. If your item wins, simply go about your day. Look out for any luck that might be a little luckier than usjal…or gmm…maybe really lucky? It depends on how a lot of this is left alone…the key I believe is even deeper experiments…maybe don’t check or even look at the divination until the end of the month? Or maybe try throwing your item into a drawer…or…use a special coin to travel around…or assign it to a garbage can at your favorite coffee stop?

Concerned about where this luck is coming from? I’ll be generating and performing charity in the name of trying to send it to the proper parties (who shall remain unknown until the end of the month)

It is hard to note when these sort of things actually are coonnected…as I said I have done it in person…but this will be tricky…just a little work on your side and we’ll test my abilities to send good luck.

I will do weekly divination drops.

considering that this is all blindfolded…mostly me…I am going to ask that if any luck should be bestowed…as in, if this experiment is successful…that it should arrive or make itself apparent in no more than one month.

Feel free to participate in as many of these operations as you’d like.

I will have the first set of items up within the hour. Following that, the first drop.

I drew a card to establish something:

I see some people have already seen things, so here’s the items I have selected for your use. (I have applied no thought to any item other than “luck”) Select one that you can pair with your symbol.

spirit gathering : a strong presence in the room, several times someone appeared in the kitchen, almost stepping onto the board.

Here is another reading, I would like to note that I have 3 or 4 ways of doing a reading. This particular one I rarely do, I would say is almost like juggling the energy around, allowing adjustments into the direction of the positive.

Look at the matches that were thrown onto the board pictured below. Keep a good idea of which area you are drawn to.

those matches are the “hot spots” we want to hit our item on. We’ll let this board charge a moment.

The signal to me was a bird, or peacefull puff dragon, dropping something on my roof, so a video for this morning is NOT available as I had to hurry into the flow.

The drop, DID occur. Search for your item on the picture. If your item is not on the table, don’t be discouraged. There will be another one

If yours is, begin trying to figure out where it is and why its where it’s at. OR, don’t. Or, do both!

Two cards fell on the table. One for “opportunity”, the other, “power”

The opportunity one fell onto the 9 of Hearts.

See if there’s any relation to your items with these cards, or what feelings do you get from the gameboard LEVEL itself?

Compare to the matches, was your item charged up by a match along with a unique bonus? could the unique level that this drop occured on have secret hints at the location of your luck? OR perhaps even, points of clarity? Try to keep your notes to yourself and perhaps try staying out of the next draw, and then coming back to it again the next next time. PErhaps the keys to uncovering the luck is a methodical formula…or perhaps it really will all just be about the right place right time and the hint to be there? or not be there? Good luck!

The next drop will be 9 hours from now. The same key of items will be used, however the playing board changes on its own. Lets make this have the opportunity of doubling your 1st score. We’ll keep the matches in the same spot.

Almost that time for another drop. Here’s a heads up on the game board. This will still be utilizing the hot spots from the match board.

I have added some new items for any one who hasn’t participated yet.

More significant here tho is the theme of specific dates…a lot of b-days this month. Wedding anniversary …wedding plannings…maybe you’ll get the right luck to disrupt that engagement you are concerned about. Maybe a solid score of luck on this will work towards you getting an extra wish.

I have to bring up that I once successfully stole the bday wish of an idol of mine (a hard working honest yet still hardcore politician) who I have given the luck to to become president. He doesn’t believe it…so let’s hope he keeps busy so when it does happen.

Cakes and circles and Dixie cups and money. Also 3 movies to signify the opportunity to garnish luck and gear it towards new traditions…or maybe something similiar like the keg on sale has your name on it.

I have two pocket schedule day planners…the white one is from Monday the 23rd of June through to Sunday the 29th. From LAST year.
The black one is June 26rh, a Monday through to July 2nd of the year 2000. A more complete reading from my end will iditentify specific hits I’ll note…on your end…try to pick the area you want. Make a wish!

In adsactly 2 hours I will disperse the symbols. I strongly encourage anyone who is participating incognito, to do their own magick at this time, Most especially at the moment 2 hours from now. Try to be sure your desires are geared towards the endless possibilities of positive surprises. Or maybe even something as simple as someone you havnt seen in a long time. Or you finally find that cult movie you saw years ago but forgot the name.

Forthey’re a jolly-good fellow are the primary words of power I’ll be chanting during my preparations. As well, the song “happy night mare baby” by opal

Minutes before the divination, 7 cards are drawn, 2 will be used as markers.

card reading :

GREAT job ladies and gentlemen.

Here’s the divination drop video ( I’ll crop it soon…the machine is being difficult)

…I felt the presence of several spirits. It caught me by surprise! I let the parcel drop but nothing fell! I had to shake lose whatever was holding it! Whatever spirits influenced this they certainly did. It was adsactly 45 minutes ago the divination took place. I’ll get the photo map of the results up as soon as this machine let’s me!

Notes of the very merry un-birthday, to you

First off, if you noticed in the video the candles were not blown out, can you guess what I did once the drop occurred? Yes, I got on my hands and knees and blew those candles!

3 wishes for this to be able to work. Oh boy is it working. Its actually very interesting to work on this, I am discovering new ways at looking at things. Truly learning to be compassionate, aswell.

My hub of good luck 4U:
I have not been on the otherside of the gates of this location, probably 19 years. The location is a place I frequent regularily in my dream traveling. It was a significant location in my childhood. My dreams here have always included the symbols of “luck” The place is quiet, there is a water fall about 5 feet high, but I have seen it up to there! In many, many hours have I experienced the fountain. Do not go to this pond with any “toys”, they get covered in MUCK. There is gold fish. I have given fish to this place. I once saw a pregnant one. My grandmother would walk there with me. She was Mexican, ate tortias with rice and beans.

I live on this street now, by self inflicted accident. 1 mile from me. I made a line.

It is a bad line, bad people walk it everyday, there’s a train station, and many people have been shot. There is always machine gun and revolver fire on the 4th of JULY. People are regularily offed at the train station. I fit in, but warrents are for my arrest (misdemeanors)

Participants, note the 30th and July 1st. that is the next thing you should mark in your notes for your calendar. If you’d like to know what I have “marked” mine with, its actually kind of ironic, maybe you should do a similar formula? My office co worker shares the same calendar, I was going to ask him if we were going to go to the Casino this month. (I was thinking it would be a perfect place to experiment with this) SO he has the 30th marked with the name of the Casino. Aswell the following day. So that means one day I can send away my luck, and then the next day work at closing this experiment (and try my luck out again)

Secret bags of bad luck were placed in walking distance of the secret lucky waterfall. My presence passed by all of them twice, except one, that had been the 2nd to last one, left in a tire in the middle of a field. The last one I left on a mattress at the end of the field, but I decided I didn’t like that spot, so threw it across the street at a sigil I saw on a wall at the gas station.

the first signs that luck was leaving me:
Incapability to light matches. Went through several matchbooks the last 24 hours. Literally had wind spirits beside me blowing it out. The simple, simple luck I let leave me, does that make sense to you? Cause I couldn’t believe it, it was ridiculous. I imagined every strike, every fire out, as the energy going elsewhere. For this very experiment I have decided to take advantage of this simple way of losing luck, so am not using a lighter, but matches, for my cigarettes. I havnt been smoking much because of this!!! But believe me, The luck tries to find a way to me, and I am working VERY much at deflecting it to any participants here.

I am, however, experimenting heavily, but, as a unique thing turns results, I try to incorporate all that I know well…including attempts to boost things. Its very strange, this realm of luck, but I have been more surprised than ever in this compassion compartment regarding Gifting. I just hope our maps some how meet somewhere in the middle. I’ll continue to try to give you keys and information to add to your maps.

Here’s a poem to make sure you don’t get hurt by accident, I really snickered here, I hope that’s a good sign for everyone? ::

Precaution in Love Yah You

The luck was leaving, alright. The Luck has left
not to me, not to me, said SawbeNee
from Saw Be,
Nah, not possible.
Yes, gone out, the compassion allowed…
the sight she says she SEEs NEE
The luck not leaving, not leaving ME, ME
Leaving HE! HE ! NAH, Allowed! How nice it sounds.

this one location to READ into:

As I crossed further and further into the field, 20 crows had arrived one by one over top of me, so I spoke my mail to them. To not only take my month for the month, but also to take the evil lurker’s luck of my street and send as good luck to the SECRET street (participants)

I announced specifically: each member as one secret NAME.

Participants THEN&NOW, or NEW please get a PEN and scribe your secret ID

So as always, the crows are on our side, so look for them. They will have my luck, stolen luck available, aswell their usual mail.

IF you see some cups, DONT kick the McDonald’s one, you can, but I did. No luck. I saw the cups of 2, another set of two, then 3. Much charity I have done lately.

As my LUCK tried to return, I immediately DENIED IT. Experiences of this were as followed:

Someone left their phone and headphones on the train, good thing the security guard found it. I did a magick trick for BALGs and left a item in its place.

THE only luck I have used was I found some glasses on the train (I had allowed my luck to leave when a screw fell from my glasses) so I took the glasses and used the one screw I needed. I did experiment, however. First I tried to give the glasses to the woman who sat next to them. I yelled out for her “Did you forget these?!” but she had headphones in her ear (and was wearing sunglasses already) Then I broke the glasses to get the one screw. I then put the glasses BACK on the seat I Found them, SAT on them, and then got up to stand. A man thought to sit where I was, I went over there and said, “let me get this out of the way for you” he sat down. To take his luck, that I had just given him, I stood at the door and let the door close on my head, whereupon I dropped my glasses as if I just had bad luck. That is a perfect example of my luck being transferred.

luck in your journeys:

a small gold coin.

A woman unexpected (who is good, surprisingly)


A man unexpected (who is good, surprisingly)

Milky Way

something to do with purple, oh yeah, purple rocks.

Lava rocks.

$ 7. 50

Black widows/Throwing Darts

  • NOTE

EXTREME bad luck has clouded me. Not anything I cannot deal with, its actually very insightful. HOWEVER, I do ask any participants in this to disrupt this line at the END of this month as planned. Thank you.

(further comments will be here momentarily…)

Here’s some good information on this subject.

the above information; see if it offers any clues to you regarding where you could search for a closer link to this luck.

In about 15 hours a special drop will be occurring, one will be targeted towards “instant gratification”,

the one after will be the 15th: “line up with me” luck (as I have established only 2 mini safe areas where my luck is not being withdrawn) so that experiment will be to see, if I Can, take you with me into my sacred lucky spot… Might have to do a whole refunctions of this…function. I can see it now tho and its making sense. I’m still trying to see if I can get this machine to go LIVE, but now that I have less luck than EVER, don’t count on it! But you, you!

much luck to you today! Cause I’m not feeling it! :slight_smile:

Drops of Balg

the NEW KEY will be up soon. If you were a participant the last 2 drops, make note of your previous KEY upon choosing your next object to symbolize it.

The symbol of the marble went off the board and rolled about 5 feet to under my coffee table. It will remain there until otherwise noted.

3 of the objects from the previous drop will be used in the 3rd drop.

) additional information )

Doing a forbidden spell on myself as this, I decided to get a little more extreme. so I decided to withdrawal the 23rd card from my deck, “GIFTS”

This was intended to be, that is certain. The Gift card was returned to the deck, it found two mistakes inside:

number 36 - JUDGEMENT
Drop your judgemental attitude. Life will be easier.

You are about to make an emotional decision and it MUST BE a logical choice. Mediate and seek solution.

Here’s the thing about these 2 cards, for the most part I have defeated judgement. and I do want this operation to be safe, the cards are bent, that’s why I removed them. So Just remember to be aware.

Danger, however, is missing a number, at the bottom of each card is printed copyright 1995, so this one only says 995.

For this working I am going to exclude the danger card as a gift to all of us. In the nature that, through investigations/meditation, if the judgement card is drawn for any dropping, that we double check something, to make sure. Sometimes we don’t want the first thing that comes up, maybe its 3 steps down the line.

The Key for the C Drop

The participants will not know what their object looks like this drop, just a name to connect to relate to their symbol/sigil/object/whereabouts…

This divination is going to involve the Moon & Venus

Here is the KEY:

  •          a white mineral
  •          white and yellow
  •          26756 10975
  •          Crayola
  •          2 , was 1
  •          1998 
  •        1999 
  •         3 arrows 
  •              9 
  •              and  
  •          JASOND
  •           OR
  •           Fastener 
  •             Broken

Yes so…test C. The drop occured …the three items from the first drop aswell the new items. Not included were anyone who had seen this but not at the moment had a part…the thought came to you. Elsewhere. And not just right now, which could potentially be future readers or dark magicker workings.

The bag fell and hit a very specific target. Beforehand about 3 hours I made a security check and pulled the marble out from und r the table. …a bell was thrown under then taken back out of place. Lots of and lots and lots and lots. Today WAS the most eye opening day of my life…

The wisdom card…the wolf moving from one covering to another…marked each of them, all of them, as a home. The wisdom:
There was the man who hammered and hammered. Covered his work with dirt from long steps nearby. Gentle coverings. Hard and many attacks.

Uh nothing. Its all off?

The facts of the matters related to more important work…
major identification problem. I was attacked. Absolutely masterful yet I’m terrified to go out at all. If anyone involved or knows what the hell…don’t tell me. I have learned more things than can be identified. What the hell…I don’t even know where to begin…

The bag dropped. Everything landed more to the left. The area marked “winners”

I don’t mean to identify anything…but really…what t h e. Hell hit the north pole…is this just my death being identified? A way of not allowing belief to rear on…ugly heads looking at ugly heads. Spears and sticks and roadkill. The dog tha t got hit…the s oldiers switching Place…hood mobsters who killed for their gods. The 3 shopping carts. Pushing the hair…all the hair…the sandwiches in white paper…the danger card identified itself and wanted to be put on the blockfor execution . Blood. From each hands. Pushing them through unknown grounds at unknown forces. Tearing and allowing new sickNess to consume. Constant c j angi m g…lots of singing…the gods laughed at my unknown tal ed nt. From their end I’m facing the wrong goddammit direction . I have never…one time i wrote it down…looked at…still did it all wrong. Now i have to find other ways to remeber to make note of tbe helpers. Then thw circles. They laugh and laugh…" you never used one before…what’s got into him?" A snake…I had to tie a snake up into knots. ConstNt disrespect. I cause things to fall …the tower…I cursed myself with the tower card once. Mercury days waste in aquarium glass…beads all down the guters…all the colors…a Black glove inside giving t b e middle finger…not sure where it ends…
it all eventually ended with putting things in places…and the lights behind the goddammit window a. …tinted windows…yet I see the 3 golden. Lights. The carts dissapeared after I found an oasis. Hit it real hard…had a cigarette…all I came home with was hair where’s the nasty dugout? That’s where you get the bug oit.

You got it alll.ain’t life grande. 3 cents our of each dollar. Regulate yourselves. Technical difficulties. What’s up, baby. That’s the close. Good nigjt.

Give me the phone…Davers. as soon as you pick up this message…Cancel research projects this week.end. drop the young …I look away from myself and the while thing falls apart.

I think there’s more to this than meets the eye. I was identified. There’s a very strange conflict alrignt…very strange battles. Get a guy to call a guy…I don’t know how ans there’s no hotel. Just stop the thing below from getting too pissed i. Gonna shoot marbles for luck to everyone the next day.

Next experiment regarding luck. : tba

One tarot card was stolen…all were assembled correctly, a minor diversion and I got them all back in order. I counted them…most were paw side up and unidenrified…most I did not look at…just picked them up.

I was short cards…O well…I did deliberately alter the danger. I thought I even had put it back. But I kept pulling it…it was THE enemy…wantd to battle. I wanted to save it…some said it was ok…so then that’s it
research project is cancelled. Back. Back. I go back. Take my meat or I will be back!

-)€ H-> 2. * to the power of many extra sentence seconds. It was March 13th…the kings held me closer than before.

I’m losing you sir…hello…helloo…helicopter shoots cupids at me and the track is back to play…insane in the membrain…

Soul mate reunion VIA & SPLENDOR