Gibberish that comes to your mind

Pieces of words, pieces of mantras, warped sentences, words spoken with an overpronounced “shhh”, words spoken while inhaling or just a row of “shhh” based syllables.

Could it happen that they would mean something?
-I might will record them, the next time i “talk” in this way -for… “reasons”.

By the way: Do you think, those demonic incantations given by EA,
would be enhanced by speeking them, while inhaling?

Because that is:

  1. most of the time, not louder than a wisper
  2. it ends up sounding “snake-like”
  3. it just sounds weird.

Yes, possibly, record them then try putting them in Google translate with “detect language” set.


Honestly I think our perception of those sounds as “snakelike” is due to the fact that they exist and communicate on a different vibrational frequency than us, so we hear it as a hissing kind of sound; very foreign. I wish we could record these communications and play around with the playback speed.


Glossolalia isn’t always giberish so record and translate x


I can relate. Whenever I’m bored I just try to meditate on my throat chakra and I hear random words with the exaggerated sssssssh. One time I was evoking king paimon and before he came I could head Eastern chanting in my head. I wanted to speak whatever was coming to mind but there were too many normies


Oh, sorry. I misread the OP. I thought you meant disincarnate speech, not our own.

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Sorry, i’m not as advanced or progressed as you guys :frowning: