Ghosts in Prison

When someone is sentenced to prison, and dies in prison, is the spirit of that person required to stay until the end of their sentence?

Though I am not expert in ghosts but I don’t think so. From what I heard ghosts may attach themselves to an area/remain on the earth if they unfinished business but once it’s cleared they dissipate to the astral world etc.

But let’s wait for further comments

No, they are not required to stay (required by whom?)

However, if their death is traumatic, part of their essence may end up trapped in an unconscious loop, experiencing it over and over again. These are not ghosts, per se, though, but rather echoes of the event.


Ghosts can be bound to a certain place. however unless the judge or prosecutor or someone else does a binding spell on the prisoner (which is extremely unlikely) a ghost is free to depart to the hereafter. Speaking of which, that would be a badass comic an occult judge. Similar to Judge Dredd but more occult based

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Idk, I can see that happening. I agree it’s not likely, but I can see that being done.

I agree.

I’ve seen the “ghost hunting” shows too where the paranormal investigators go to places like Alcatraz prison. They catch phenomena on infrared cameras and detect temperature changes and electromagnetic interference.